2 time-sensitive bits o’ info, and a bonus bit of info you’ll care less about

1. today is my 49th birthday. a couple weeks ago, max (14) asked me how old i’m turning, and i told him. he said, “No way!” i was pleased that he obviously thought i must be much younger, until he followed up with, “haven’t your turned 49 at least three times now?!”

49 feels weird. not bad; just weird. i don’t feel almost-50.

2. today is also the LAST day to download my latest book — A Beautiful Mess: What’s Right About Youth Ministry — from simply youth ministry, for FREE. tomorrow, it goes on sale in both downloadable and print versions. click that mouse while it’s free (or click tomorrow, and let me earn seventy-five cents!).

here’s a bit from a nice paragraph from a review posted by austin mccann:

…Mark Oestreicher’s book, A Beautiful Mess, was such a breathe of fresh air for me! Finally, a youth ministry book that didn’t talk about what is wrong with youth ministry, but actually explained what is right with youth ministry! Mark explains some of the current things in youth ministry that are working and bringing fruit in the life’s of our students. He helps us see that the glass is half full, not half empty. This book allows youth pastors and youth workers to be encouraged and walk away feeling like they are making a difference, because they really are making a difference! Mark admits that we must not resist change because we always need to be changing the way we do student ministry, but we must not change for the sake of change. We are doing some things right in youth ministry and let’s see the glass half full and continue serving students with the love of Christ.

3. i got home from san antonio (via london) last night, and am stoked to be home for a full week. next thursday, i leave for uruguay and argentina!

8 thoughts on “2 time-sensitive bits o’ info, and a bonus bit of info you’ll care less about”

  1. You should totally come to the Especialidades Juveniles Cumbre next year in Mexico. Is there an official way to invite you?

  2. hey dennis — probably through lucas leys. that’s how i got invited to the cumbres in uruguay and argentina this year.

  3. youth pastors don’t grow old, they just have birthdays (and turn a bit gray/bald and perhaps a little creaky)

    I don’t think I’m kidding either…my parents were my youth leaders and they still seem about a decade or two younger than everyone else their age. a little cooler, a little more open to new music, a little less critical of cultural trends, etc. and I’m not the only ones that notice, my friends comment about those things too

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