200 incoming sites

i finally hit 526 incoming links from 200 blogs on technorati. i’ve been hovering in the high 100s for half a year or more. i got to the 190s, then slowly dropped back down to the 160s, and stuck between there and 180 forever. why does this matter, you may be wondering. well, only in that technorati ranks blogs by how many blogs link in (not how many links, but now many blogs — so the 200 number matters, not the 526. btw, my technorati page also says “641 links to this URL…”, which seems completely in conflict with the 526. does anyone understand that?). really, all of this means nothing, at the end of the day. but it’s fun to reach that marker.

6 thoughts on “200 incoming sites”

  1. Congrats for whatever that means. But Scot tells me about these sorts of numbers too, and I just listen and nod.

  2. that is impressive MarkO. One thing that would be handy on your site would be a button to let people get pinged by email on new updates.


  3. Marko is popular! :D It’s a site that’s worth it – I’m glad I found it.

    What happened to Steve Case’s Blog? :(

  4. dowds, i’m not sure i get you. they’d get ‘pinged’ three times a day (that’s about how often i post). i don’t think anyone would want that, would they? don’t you use a blog reader (like bloglines), like most of the other people in this century?

  5. Technorati has its own math system, I’m convinced. They churn out a different number for every link count I can see. Congrats on the happy score. ;)

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