3 more of the worst nativities

with well over 20,000 people visiting last thursday’s 20 worst nativities post so far, i’ve received a handful of additional suggestions. here are three that seem worthy:

from john tobey, the irish nativity (hey, i’m going to ireland tomorrow!), where the 3 irish wise guys have clover, gold and guinness:

from about 100 people (wow!), after i’d already seen it on neatorama anyhow… the meat nativity (yes, bacon and sausage):

and, from one of a comment of a forum that linked to my original post, the butter nativity:

let me know if you come across more winners (i mean, losers!).

THIS JUST IN: yet another 3 worst nativities!

20 thoughts on “3 more of the worst nativities”

  1. The butter nativity is actually kinda interesting. In India, there’s a practice of using butter in Hindu circles for the creation of idols and altars. Do you know the background of that pic?

  2. I needed a good laugh today and yep – what a great collection. I literally laughed outloud at the MEAT navitiy. I’m from Texas and have seen every kind of cow, sheep goat nativity scene there is..but have to hand it to you, slaughtered meat is much more effective!

  3. I think having butter sculptures would make it very easy to add butter to a warm dinner roll! Now, if I only knew someone who carved butter!

  4. I’m think of starting a butter nativity company called “I can’t believe it’s just a baby” but I just don’t know if I have he capital. Any “angel” investors out there?!

  5. Sign me up for that new company of yours – just because of the tagline. But please don’t ask me to eat it anywhere near that “Bacon We Have Heard on High” monstrosity! yikes.

  6. Now THAT”S a Nativity I can sink my teeth into! Jesus as a bacon-covered teeny weeny! My life is complete…

  7. xD I used to make a different nativity every year when I was little with whatever toys I’d liked best that year. I made nativities out of Beanie Babies, Barbie dolls, Polly Pockets, and toy horses (my favorites). :)

  8. I hate to admit it, but 2 of your inclusions I love–Annalee Drummer Bowl (I’ve collected them for 45 yrs and wished I owned him) and the Marshmellow Kit one which I just might copy with my grandchildren. They’ll probably eat more than they create!

  9. The meat nativity begs a question: you show the “before” version, as it heads into the oven. Wonder how the “after” (I’d say … forty minutes @ 350) version would look….

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