4 back-to-back trips

see, this is the kind of great stuff that has been difficult to say no to. this is why my travel schedule is what it is.

sunday/monday (feb 3/4): meeting with the anglican bishop of rwanda, in destin, FL, about youth ministry training in africa.

tuesday – friday (feb 5 – 8): partnership meeting in london, england, with youthwork magazine.

friday (yes, directly after i land from the UK) – sunday (feb 8 – 10): JH winter camp at forest home. i’ve been to JH winter camp at forest home about 25 times, all as the speaker. this is the first time i’m going as a counselor. four of my six small group guys are going (and liesl, my daughter, will be there also).

sunday – wednesday (feb 10 – 13): personal silent retreat. i’m gonna need it after the rest of these trips!

my 91 year-old grandmother lives in gulf shores, alabama, about one our from pensacola, florida, where i’m flying in today. my daughter and i were planning on spending the day with her last weekend when we were in the same area, but she was really sick and had to cancel. this past week she went into the hospital and is very quickly fading. my mom is there right now, and the docs expect my grandma to die anywhere between today and a week from now. my mom said my grandma keeps saying softly, “i want to be with jesus,” which is beautiful. the amazing thing for me is that, other than a freakish anomaly of pensecola two weeks in a row in my schedule, i never go to pensacola. i see my grandma every christmas in detroit (we were just with her there weeks ago), but haven’t been to her home in 6 years or so. so the fact that i was flying in there today already seems a bit beyond coincidence. so i’m renting a car and driving over to see her for a bit before heading back to destin for my meetings.

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  1. Yipes! You are in a tough spot, Marko. With a schedule like that, it’s good that you’ve got a family and peers who are looking after you. All of it looks fun, though. Take good care of yourself.

  2. I don’t know if you’ve met him already or not, but Archbishop Kolini is a wonderful, godly man.

    Praying for your trip, and for precious time with your grandmother, and the rest of your travels.

  3. Praying for your mom and grandma. Remember to tell your grandma everything that shouldn’t be left unsaid and to ask any questions you haven’t asked. I miss my grandparents terribly. Praying for you and your travels as well.

  4. I’ll second the fact that you will like the Bishop in Rwanda. And praying for your grandma. And the family. Amazing how God works, eh?

  5. I’ve always been astonished and amazed by the faith that some people have in the coming days before entering into heaven. It just goes to show you how Awesome God really is.

    I was also going to second the fact about Archbishop Kolini, but apparently I was beaten to it. I guess i’ll just third it then. I think it would be a dream come true for many Anglican Mission youth ministers if Youth Specialties were to become involved in youth ministries in Rwanda and beyond. I’ll pray that the meeting between you 2 goes well. :-)

  6. Great seeing you in Destin. Glad that you could hear the gospel. Hope your week blesses you as much as we were blessed by you.

  7. Well it was my first meeting with Kolini too. That was good stuff. He was very “impressive” :)

    Good to hang with you. Your a good man and God is doing a good work. It was an honor to hang…and smoke.

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