4 movies in the past week

i love movies. but sometimes it’s a long stretch between seeing them. this past week, however, i saw 4! during our exec team retreat, i went out two nights with peeps to see a flick. then, this past weekend in FL, i saw two (my daughter and niece were with me, and they saw two different movies — i was on my own!).

cloverfield.jpgcloverfield. people are having mixed reactions to this monster movie shot on videocams (though highly edited, as the special effects are pretty amazing). but i loved it — totally. i found it enthralling. my heart didn’t stop racing from the 15 minute mark to the end of the film.

there will be blood.jpgthere will be blood. daniel day lewis is one of the most talented actors alive, imho. he blows the roof of in this movie about oil and greed and wealth and religion, set in turn-of-the-century california. all the characters (and the actors portraying them) are stellar. very unique movie also: i don’t think i’ve ever seen a movie (at least recently) with such artfully used silence.

rambo.jpgrambo. yeah, i saw it. it was what it was, which was what i expected. and, expecting that, i enjoyed it. nothing to write home about, and cheesy in the ways one would expect.

charlie wilsons war.jpgcharlie wilson’s war. i love a good movie based on a true story. and, of course, tom hanks ain’t such a bad actor (did you know he was in the same high school church youth group as tic long?). great storytelling. a serious movie about politics and war with tons of humor. philip seymour hoffman has never had a role i didn’t think he was amazing in.

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  1. I also loved Cloverfield. In my blog about it, I talked about how I was struck by the level of selflessness displayed in the movie. Almost every time a character had the choice of saving themselves or putting themselves at risk for the sake of someone else, they put the interests of the other person ahead of their own. There is a lesson in there for those of us who follow Christ.

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