5 Things you probably don’t know about me.

my friend tash mcgill in new zealand has tagged me with this meme, so i will comply, revealing these 5 morsels…

1. i was a big-time choir boy in high school. senior year: took private voice lessons, sang in two choirs, three select ensembles, and a male quartet. i was a first tenor.

2. i was once a runway model. actually, three times.

3. i played drums in junior high. one of the other drummers in my junior high band (who also attended my church youth group) went on to become the drummer in the band megadeth.

4. i hate bleu cheese and rye bread. i love most other cheeses and breads.

5. i am an evangelical mutt: baptist church as a little kid, evangelical presyterian church in grade school through high school, attended an evangelical free church in college, worked at a conservative baptist church, a christian and missionary alliance church (still hold my credentials with the C&MA), a non-denom bible church, and a congregational church. i attend a non-denom church now that’s a calvary chapel/saddleback hyrid (of sorts). and i think i just might be about ready to be something other than an evangelical.

i tag… hmmm… i tag a handful of worthy youth ministry bloggers you probably don’t know, but should: tony myles, lars rood, tim schmoyer, gerrard fess (gman), and the occasionally anonymous bobbie. oops, just went to bobbie’s blog, and she’d already posted on this meme. ok, then, i’ll add damien o’farrell , and patti g.

9 thoughts on “5 Things you probably don’t know about me.”

  1. Marko, I have seen you speak in person only once and never actually met you.

    Thanks for your blog. It makes me smile, it makes me think. I can actually get to it from work.


    I will “borrow” 5 things you don’t know and post it to my myspace for all to see this afternoon.

    Merry Christmas.

    Chris Saulnier

  2. Oh, man! Rye bread and blue cheese are two of my favorites. Ah, well God made us all different for a reason!

    Who needs millions of Markos or millions of me?

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