6 random things meme

i got tagged, quite a while ago, by matt smith on a meme to list 6 random things about myself. i’ll play along. so, here goes:

1. my middle name is eric. my last name, “oestreicher”, means “austrian” in german.

2. i crave chips (particularly ruffles) and french onion dip. two food items i just don’t like, but really wish i did, are rye bread and bleu cheese.

3. i have lived in 11 cities, and 16 homes.

4. i have had, i think, 30 different jobs, starting with planting seedlings in a plant nursery when i was in 3rd grade. i was a draftsman for years, at four different companies. i worked in two restaurants (chinese and pizza). i had three paper delivery routes. i was an editor of a young teen sunday school take home paper. i worked in factories and cleaned offices. and, of course, i was a junior high pastor.

5. i was a drummer in junior high band, and one of the other drummers went on to play in the metal band, megadeth. in high school, i was totally into choir: i was in two choirs (was the president of my church youth choir, and the business manager of my school’s top choir), three or four select ensembles, and a male quartet, and took private voice lessons.

6. i have webbed toes: my second and third toes on both feet are partially attached; the left foot more than the right one.

there you have it!

first, i tag everyone! give me your six random things in a comment, or post them and link back here (so i can come check ’em out).

and, since this is a six random things meme, i’ll tag six random youth workers: molly carr, terrace crawford, emily capes, kara szyarto, joel mayward, and william hartz.

14 thoughts on “6 random things meme”

  1. 1. I have been a full-time youth pastor for 5 years at the same church that I grew up in. All in all, I have been here for just about 20 years and I’m only 28 years old.

    2. I just graduated college after taking a 5+ year break with a degree in Business Management.

    3. I have 10 toes, but only 9 toe-nails.

    4. I’m a former professional wrestler. Before becoming a youth pastor, I wrestled for the NWA (National Wrestling Alliance) in North Georgia. My name was Omega.

    5. I have never seen the movie ET. At this point, I refuse to see it so I can maintain this strange fact.

    6. I love spicy food. I frequently use red peeper flakes in the same manner that most people use plain black pepper.

  2. 1. when I was hired as the jr. high director at our church, I was afraid of jr. highers. (I realized I LOVE them rather quickly.) I also was not hired by a pastor or the staff parish committee—the full time youth director hired me to job share with her.
    2. I enjoy reading cookbooks, but not trying new recipes.
    3. I want to be a race car driver when I grow up. (my husband, a police officer, says this is a contributing factor to the numerous times I have been pulled over.)
    4. I have a college swimming record that can never be broken.
    5. I can put my hands on my hips & touch my elbows together in front.
    6. I teeter tottered on the continental divide in Yellowstone National Park

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