13 thoughts on “a 12 year-old speaks on what adults can learn from kids”

  1. Holy crap in a hat- she’s so right on. Man, we could learn a TON from our children. Convicting and convincing.

  2. Not gonna lie. I want to be her. She has got to be the most dynamic speaker I have heard under the age of 20. Maybe even 25.

  3. Wow! Lovin’ this. I love her humor, honesty and dreams. May we all _listen_ deeply to these holy creatures we get the privilege to walk alongside!

  4. WOW!!! i had to listen to it twice…the first time i was just blown away hearing a 12 yo communicate effective and concise sentences. I guess that is what she meant by raising the bar!

  5. Wow. There’s a lot to be said about “nurturing” the younger generation(s). Notice I said nurture…not shelter…or pressure…or hover-over. Wow. This really makes me think about my role, not only as Youth Worker, but also as Parent. Definitely re-posting this…

  6. The goal is to make kids better adults than you have been, not adults just like you. That is the wisest, smartest thing I have ever heard

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