6 thoughts on “a caution for youth workers”

  1. Because this is viewable by many, I won’t admit to everything my friends and I did to yards back in the day…including our own youth pastor, who found corn growing in his front yard months after we TPd his place.

    But one time we tried to hit a family from our church. We got the wrong house. We actually hit the house of an assistant superintendent from our school district — who was used to being hit, but for very different reasons.

    When the guy came to the door and caught us, most of the group ran away. But 2 of us couldn’t make it out in time and he nabbed us. We quickly confessed, giving up our names, the name of our youth group, who we were trying to hit, our Social Security numbers, mothers’ maiden names, etc.

    Years later, I was the education reporter for my hometown paper. This guy was still an administrator, and we both had a good laugh recalling that incident. I think he laughed a little bit harder than I did.

  2. A youth pastor friend of mine once had his youth TP and do all kinds of things to the pastor’s truck during church. They used whipped cream, TP and all sorts of things…it was great….only it turned out not to be the pastor’s truck, but the truck of a visitor to the church. Needless to say the pastor was pretty angry…but the visitor took it in stride and even came back the next sunday…what a welcome!

  3. Okay, growing up with two prankster, big shot brothers, a cop (my dad) and a special ed teacher (my mom) you know we got our fair share of the tp…and spread it around a little as well. I say if you do it the right way, on the right person and cause no permanent damage, what’s the big deal? You just be ready for revenge…if you are in youth ministry, you already know the art of TP…and own a TP gun (what, you don’t?).

  4. That lady is whack. I would be pretty mad if someone messed up my car, but that would be the reason that I would be mad, not because I need to ‘protect my children’. I have done my fair share of TPing houses, the first step to being successful is having the right house.

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