a couple pics of my preaching

as i mentioned in an earlier post, i got to preach at my church last weekend. they’re pretty cool to let a slacker like me take the stage a couple times each year. i tried a few new things this time around, from a presentation stand-point. first, i preached in shorts and flip-flops. my church is pretty casual anyhow, and i wear shorts and a t-shirt every sunday. but i found out this was the first time someone had preached in shorts. i’m proud to have broken that barrier! i was preaching on belonging, and felt like it would be great to start with a children’s story about belonging, and chose “the ugly duckling” (which i had to majorly edit, as it’s surprisingly long!). but i thought it would be fun to read it to kids, rather than just reading it to the congregation. so the programming peeps organized a small group of children to come sit on stage at the beginning of each service, and i sat in a rocking chair and read to them. they did great, and i think it was better than the alternative.

here’s a pic of that:

then, i’d seen our high school pastor preach once using this cool clear “whiteboard” that one of the facilities guys made for him. and i wanted to use it! it’s made of plexiglass, and you write on it with bright whiteboard markers. with the lighting right, the stuff on the board is totally legible, but seem to kind of be hanging in space. here’s a pic of me with my three-legged stool (looks kind of like a cow udder!) of adolescent tasks, which i used to set up the contextual need for belonging:

of course, none of this had much to do with my content really! but they were fun little “technologies” to use.

8 thoughts on “a couple pics of my preaching”

  1. johnny — i spoke on belonging. a couple blog posts earlier this week about it, including a link to the podcast.

  2. that is the coolest clear/whiteboard i have ever seen. i will be stealing that idea. thanks cool high school youth pastor.

  3. About the clear board. You mentioned “with the lighting right” what is the “right lighting” for the board? Thanks Mark! And I am so using a recliner for my next children’s message (i think i’d be fired for doing the message in flip flops).

  4. I had a bad lighting experience with our clear board once…those things sure are finicky…cleaning them are even more fun. I loved that you read to the children, that’s pretty awesome. P.S. Try the chocolate chip banana nut muffin at Mimi’s (words won’t suffice here).

  5. Marko,
    Since I know you’re a fan of Stuff Christians Like, I can refer to one of the entries. Anything Goes Sunday!

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