a diaper i wouldn’t want to change

bigbaby.jpgdid you see that a week or two ago, a russian woman gave birth to a 17 1/2 pound baby?

A Russian woman has given birth to a baby weighing 7.75kg (17.5lbs), more than twice the average newborn weight.
The “little” girl, Nadia, was delivered by Caesarean section at a hospital in the Altai region of Siberia, joining eight sisters and three brothers.

“We were all simply in shock,” reports quoted Nadia’s mother, Tatyana Khalina, 43, as saying.

“What did the father say? He couldn’t say a thing – he just stood there blinking,” she said.

article here.

5 thoughts on “a diaper i wouldn’t want to change”

  1. i am sure there are more good reasons to not be a man, but this is reason #1 i am glad i am not a woman. lol.

    much rerspect to moms out there.

  2. oh thanks marko…i read this today after i find out from my doctor that i should be expecting a “fully developed and possibly larger” baby in january…this should increase my nightmares tonight! you know what they say about big baby boys…right?

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