a hopeful imagination for youth ministry

chris folmsbee was sick as a dog at The Summit last year. he somehow made it through a full day on friday with the 25 or so people in his Pre-Summit Session. but when it came time for him to take the stage on saturday at the main event, i wasn’t sure he was going to make it. i seriously wondered about him passing out or having explosive diarrhea on stage. i gave him an out, but he wanted to power through.

so it’s pretty amazing that chris was able to present this really wonderful presentation on the topic “Hopeful Imagination” (a topic i’d asked him to address). this will get your spirit stirring…

early bird pricing for this year’s Summit only last for another few weeks. jump online and plan to join us now! it’s the most diverse and potent roster of presenters i’ve ever seen at a youth ministry event!

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