a little break

blogging will be particularly light for me today and over the weekend (i have one silly post set for sat and sun), as my family is taking a much needed little break. we’re heading to the seaside cabin of some people from our church, down in mexico. it’s just a 45 minute drive for us, and is certainly nothing fancy. but it will be great to slow down, breathe, read, play games, sleep, and completely relax.

2 thoughts on “a little break”

  1. Hey Marko, I love reading your blog, but as I’m told constantly, when you’re on a break, you’re on a break. We can all wait 2 days for those fun posts, I wouldn’t hold it against you and I don’t think anyone else would too. I appreciate your blogging, and will check it out regardless, just want you to feel some freedom there. Enjoy family fun!!

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