a little family break

crystal pier.jpgfor christmas, i gave jeannie two trips: one for the two of us to beautiful place in guatemala, and one for our family for a couple nights on crystal pier. crystal pier hotel is a small collection of cottages literally out on a pier, in the pacific beach area of san diego. the cottages are quaintly old-fashioned (you can tell there a lot of history there), but with all the modern touches. we stayed there once before as a family, and loved it. the ys exec team has also had three retreats staying there over the years. our family starts this afternoon, and checks out on tuesday.

i booked this for our family in december. but the timing couldn’t be better in most ways (other than that i am slammed at work, and two more days out right now is tough). we’ve all been traveling a bunch (jeannie’s been out from thursday through today). and the kids are off school this week because their teachers have a conference. we’ll play a ton of games, watch a movie or two, run around on the beach (if the weather cooperates), read, and generally loaf. should be a really sweet time.

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  1. That’s a wonderful area! My wife and I stayed a few hundred yards north of there at the Pacific Terrace last month for a long weekend. Great area to relax! Enjoy.

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