a little laughter, a little sigh

two things about liesl (my 12 year-old daughter) that totally cracked me up this weekend:

first, she found some panties that some friend (she didn’t know which one) had left at our house after a sleepover, and after washing them, started wearing them, saying they were super-comfy. jeannie noticed they said “thank god it’s juicy” across the rump, and told liesl she had two options; throw them away, or use a marker to cross that out.
i noticed them this weekend. she’d taken a permenant black sharpie and put an x through the word “juicy”, and written “dry” above it. too funny.

then, equally crude (sorry, deal with it — i’m a junior high pastor with a 12 year-old daughter; what do you expect?), is this story:
our family is — how to say this delicately??? — rather, um, flatulatory. and liesl is the queen. jeannie got sick of it. she also got sick of liesl’s annoying little habbit of saying “safety” everytime she farted (some middle school thing involving punching each other). jeannie insisted that every time liesl farts, she has to say, “excuse me for being completely and utterly disgusting.” the funny thing is, she’s doing it! all weekend long i would hear a little quack followed by “excuse me for being completely and utterly disgusting.”

onto the sigh:

today is the 3rd anniversary of mike yaconelli’s death. while his death, as we’ve all said over and over, cleared the way for so many wonderful changes around ys, that sure doesn’t do much to mitigate the sadness those of us who knew and loved him (and were loved by him) experience around this time of year. this is the first year our ys staff isn’t gathering for a sunset toast to yac — most of our staff have already headed up to the aneheim convention, and a full 1/2 of our staff never knew mike. but ‘moving on’ is often not as simple as letting the clock turn.

7 thoughts on “a little laughter, a little sigh”

  1. yeah, luckily she doesn’t. and she’s pretty funny about stuff like this; she might just be proud of it and laugh it off!

  2. Make sure your son does not read it either, because when she starts to date I could see a younger sibling showing the potential boyfriend this post.

  3. It is vitally important that YS never “Moves on.”

    Moves forward? Yes. And you’ve done that. But to me – “moving on” sounds like “eh – that’s in the past…. forget about that.”

    I’ll never forget “Yac.” I’m so happy I had the chance to meet him.

    As to saying things when you, uh – yeah…

    We’ve had many sayings in our family. Somehow “Warning” caught on. Until for awhile… somebody once said “Say something!” So – now, yes – it’s “Something.”

    (Why do I think that this post combining things to say when you fart, and a tribute to Yac – is such an appropriate post? LOL You KNOW he’s rolling on the floor laughing right now! Do they have floors in heaven?)

  4. i too found it appropriate farting and yac were in the same post!

    i missed the date – i guess it’s because i’m going to a nov. convention and it always feels like he passed after the convention – i will be praying for you and the other 1/2 of the staff who do remember him today and throughout this convention. hope you’re feeling better marko!

  5. Having never met “Yac” I feel a little left out. However having read much of what he wrote…I’ve always felt that I knew him personally. He always spoke with such honesty and vunerability it was very easy to feel like you were best friends.

    My prayers for all the YS staff as you rejoice in the life of this remarkable man.

  6. Jr Hi Director, husband, and dad of 4 (girls 17, 12, 9, boy 4…)

    At our house, who ever farts or burps @ dinner (yes, we actually eat together a few times a week…) has to do the dishes after. Even the 4 year old is in on it… Phooot… “Ooops, I have to help do the dishes!”

    He hasn’t learned to blame the dog yet. I’ve still got work to do…

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