a prayer for the american idol concert

o lord, keep watch over me, thy servant, tonite
shelter me from the annoyances of the american idol concert
protect me from cheese.

o lord, deny my daughter access to my wallet, tonite
shelter us from returning with matching chris sligh t-shirts
protect us from taylor hicks and carrie underwood cds.

o lord, give us the vision of an eagle, tonite
shelter us from the heat and smells likely in our nosebleed $50 seats
protect us from idiots who choose to stand in front of us, forcing us also to stand, even though we are a mile above the stage.

o lord, bind liesl and i together, tonite
give us wonderful memories and sore lungs
and may jordan sparks or blake whats-his-name smile in our direction.

5 thoughts on “a prayer for the american idol concert”

  1. i offer you a prayer from a recent trip to an aly & aj concert:

    dear lord, please get me the hell out of here

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