a prophet anecdote

i was recounting this story for someone the other day, and thought it was worth sharing…

in the latin american church, there are an unfortunate amount of self-described “prophets”, senior pastors who claim that everything they say comes from god. a friend from our ys spanish division was in one of these churches recently, and the senior pastor was prattling on about something or other. then, he asked the ushers to do something, but they didn’t understand what he wanted, or were otherwise confused in their ability to follow direction. the “prophet” got angry, and loudly cursed from the pulpit, using — as i’m told — a very strong and vulgar swear word. as the report goes, all the oxygen left the room, as everyone froze, wondering how to respond. order was restored when the pastor said, “well, that was god speaking, and he can say whatever he wants.”

uh, yeah.

6 thoughts on “a prophet anecdote”

  1. WOW-I can’t believe it. I am not sure they aren’t here in the states though, I know of a local pastor in this area who doesn’t do that per say, but does refer to himself as “apostle” and his wife refers to herself as “prophetess.” I thought there were criteria outlined in the scripture for these types of things, and I know I don’t come out of that faith tradition, but wow…

  2. Some people just need to read there Bibles a little more. People like that need to “hear” some swift kicks in the behind. If it’s from me I will just say God told me too. Boot to the Head!!

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