a sad day in the history of american music

cbgb.jpgman, a chapter is closing: cbgb’s closes their doors this weekend. cbgb’s is the birthplace of punk the u.s. it’s a hole-in-the-wall kind of place (in new york), but had such a huge impact on the american music scene over the last three decades. i visited this last january, and bought the obligatory shirt.

what’s next, the break-up of the clash? oh, wait…

4 thoughts on “a sad day in the history of american music”

  1. Bummer Huh? Lee & Kelli are heading out here this weekend, we were/are hoping to be able to get them in for a taste of CBGB’s!!

  2. They are actually moving the store to Los Vegas. They rented the building and the people didn’t want them to have the lease anymore.

  3. yep sad day, I stopped in for a pilgramage of sorts one late night in the snow a few years back right after a macanudo and a world class slice of pizza. So long punk heaven.

  4. Go to the Whiskey in LA. It’s still there and I have heard CBGBs was almost as much of a dump as that place.

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