a short epistle from bangladesh

this past fall, we had the great honor of welcoming an amazing guy from bangladesh at one of our national youth workers conventions. he came to us in a wonderful roundabout way: he’d respresented his part of the world at the lausanne covenant on world evanglization, held in korea last year; and our spanish director, lucas leys, was the moderator for the youth ministry group. lucas sent this guy to us (i’m not sure of the ramifications of posting things like this, so i’m not using his name). he just sent me this amazing email:

Greetings from Bangladesh in the mighty name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
I am sorry for not communicating with you well. I still recall the great opportunity that I had with you all at the Pittsburgh convention which was a breakthrough, an eye opening and a challenge for my ministry and me. It was only a few days conference, but what I learned would last for many years. Thank you very much for granting me that wonderful opportunity to be with you at the convention.
Very recently, I had a regional pastor/minister conference (specially for youth pastor/minister), 200 pastor/minister from 20 denominations came together (which was very unusual an unique event) for the conference. God has done mighty works among these pastor/minister. Every session was unique and all participants enjoyed it very much. God just poured His blessings upon us all during 5 days conference. Bishop of Methodist Churches expressed that he never had such tremendous experience and His mighty works (in spite of denominational taboo) among all participants. All delegates were refresh and revitalized. They went home/fields with joy and refreshed visions. I praise God to see His blessings upon our most needy pastor/minister.
You know Bangladesh is a Muslim country (88% Muslim and Less 1% Christian), and for last few years fundamentalism/terrorism raises very fast and we as small number believers are suffering. We always need spiritually strong local church with youth involvement. Most of our village pastor do not have proper theological education/training. So, after my seminars/conferences when I see the participants are blessed/encouraged by God, I feel very good.
I wish to have more opportunity to attend at your challenging and life changing convention at least once in two years. And I assure you that your investment in me/ministry never would be in vain. Please, convey my regards to sister Jody and sister Rose, Waiting to hear from you. Be sure our prayer for you and your wonderful ministry. God bless!
Yours in Christ,

what i noticed, beyond the graciousness and beauty of his email, and beyond the blessing of getting to bless him like we did (we had him come up on the main stage, talk about his ministry, and took an offering for him — sending him home with about $8000 for his ministry), is how much his email reads like a short pauline epistle. this really struck me in the greetings at the end (to two of our ys staff, who must have helped him with little details). anyhow, i wanted to share it. what an amazing guy. please be praying for him.

2 thoughts on “a short epistle from bangladesh”

  1. Marko,
    What would be the process to donate funds to bring him back to a convention… please feel free to email to discuss further – Thanks


  2. hmmm. i’m sure we could receive funds from anyone on his behalf. but, of course, donations to YS aren’t tax deductable.

    i told him he had an open invitation to attend any year, and that we would always give him complementary registration and cover his hotel room; but that i didn’t know about his airfare — so that’s all it would be.

    i think he’d like to consider attending again in 2007.

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