a sport i’d not heard of: muni

muni is short for mountain unicycling. nuts. muni riders use unicycles with mountain bike wheels, choose downhill mountain bike paths, and challenge themselves to make it down without falling. they often take the same path multiple times, trying to improve their performance.

“We fall more often than mountain bikers, but we’re going slower so it’s not as bad,” Van Koppen said. “The same cliffs are out there.”

here’s an article about muni, with some photos and a video.

the students at my kids’ school all learn to ride unicycles in the 2nd grade. max and liesl missed this, so they can’t do it. but we got max a uni so he could try to learn. short story: ain’t gonna happen. i’ve tried a handful of times, and i’m sure, with more practice, it would come to me. but, still, the idea of plumetting down a mountainside on a “muni” sounds like a crushed nose, multiple broken bones, lots of pain, and a pretty good workout.

(btw, the little video on this site is funny — the guy defending munis talks about how he responds when people accuse them of being in the circus, or ask where the other wheel is. priceless stuff.)

here’s a little narrative description:

At Deer Valley, father and son zigged and zagged down a panoramic hiking trail, passing beneath dormant chairlifts. From a full stop, Karl hopped three feet vertically to a rock on the edge of an arroyo. Then, bouncing his unicycle as if it were a pogo stick, he leapt from rock to rock down the ravine. He occasionally lost his balance, laughing as he slammed to the ground.

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