a story of redemption

get out your kleenex if you watch this one. danielle was found, as a 7 year-old, in a home where she was living as a “ferel child” — completely cut off from human contact, and even from sunlight. this is the story of her rescue, her progress, and the family who adopted her. as i watched and listened to the video, welling up, i was struck by the picture this is of god’s redemptive work in my life. we’re all ferel children, and god is patiently and lovingly working with us, holding onto hope even when we can’t.

(ht to neatorama)

3 thoughts on “a story of redemption”

  1. wow…
    did you listen to the biological mother’s story? that’s one lady with a sad grip on reality.

  2. wow marko…thanks for posting that. just lost an hour in my day reading the story, listening to the audio, thinking it all through. and it was worth every moment of it.

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