actor max

max (my 10 year-old son) was in a school play the other day. some kind of viking/norse mythology thing. i could hardly believe the lines he had to memorize in a few days time. he totally got into it, and nailed it. here are the lines, followed by a pic of him as “odin” (and here’s his post about it on his blog, where he describes it a bit):

The daylight ends and darkness deepens
The sun descends, his horses leaping
Lightly over Asgards peaks
Night stars sparkle cloak
With sleep covers all
Let each return royally to his high hall
To wearily wonder
To dream or to ponder.

Frigg, my wife, both dread and dear
Wend you well to Finsalir
Hemdall, sleepless sentry, watch
O’er Asgard from Valasgalf
Freya, goddess of love and sorrow
to Sessumir go until the morrow
Thor, my strong and stalwart son
Bid abed till dark be done.

And though we live in laughing light
The Norns know of a deadly night
Will one day deepen Asgard’s heights
A twilight thrice forsaken
From which we’ll not awaken…
But Aesir–
We still live in lights bright weaving
Sun gold gifts with grace receiving
Let not the night lead you astray
While with Aesir might you make your way.


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