after, in-between, in front of

i’m now past…

final edit on the MY FAITH and MY FAMILY books for middle school kids

preaching a two-weekend series at my church

a great sunday afternoon nap

i’m in the midst of…

continued ridiculous temperatures. it was 111 degrees in east county san diego yesterday. it was the first night of the year we left our air conditioning on all night. i’m nervous to see the electricity bill.

trying to keep my pool clean in these temperatures. it’s a tad green right now, and i need to work on it, but it’s too ugly-hot outside.

summer travels. much done, a big wad to come, starting this wednesday.

playing catch-up at work. my email ‘inbox’ (where i keep anything still needing attention) has been hovering around 120. i breathe easier when it’s around 30.

my radar has just registered the existence of…

three long trips back-t0-back-to-back, starting wednesday: a 2-week family trip to detroit (mostly vacation, attending a family wedding), followed by the LA portion of DCLA, followed by 10 days in england (speaking a couple times for youth workers at soulsurvivor, then spending a few days in london with my daughter).

two whole beautiful days in the office (monday and tuesday) with very few appointments — a great chance to catch up.

our fall conventions are suddenly just around the corner. last year at this point, i already knew what i was going to talk about in the closing session. this time, i have no idea.

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  1. Marko, the white hot tigers are waiting for you. Enjoy your time here in the Motor City… well at least the burbs. Every time I think my life is crazy, I just look at your schedule and it makes me feel good.

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