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adventures in missions is an amazing discipleship ministry, utilizing short-term missions and other means. i was on their board for five years, and have such a deep respect for their ministry, and their founder/pres seth barnes (who has a great blog, btw). when they launched their world race program a year ago, i was initially very skeptical, thinking it was gimmicky and potentially counter to the whole point of missions. but i got won over at some point, by the quality of the people involved, their deeper vision for this ministry, and the fruit of the work. i was won over long before i received these pics this week of a world racer named gary who sported his ‘i heart ys’ shirt in various exotic locales:

YS Gary Big Ben.jpg

YS Gary Big Buddha Bangkok.jpg

YS Gary Collesium.jpg

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  1. Gary’s wife was a volunteer last year in Sacramento…we worked HQ together and they are doing this together…they were in process last year when we aere at NYWC and it is awesome to see the pix!

  2. Gary & Katherine (his wife) are my best friends. I encourage everyone to read their blogs on the site as well as those of other racers. It’s a pretty wild ride.

  3. Wow, pics of me on marko’s blog? I’m honored.

    And for anyone who’s looking for a youth pastor out there, I’ll be for hire once I get back to the US. Don’t worry, I do own more than one shirt!

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