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  1. I’m realy curious about the 2 pictures on the book covers. The English version matches what I know of white middle school culture (the kids look like the white middle schoolers I know…they are dressed like them, etc.) I’m not in a context to be around Spanish speeking kids, so I dont know if that cover matches them or not…but I think they look older, and cooler, than the white version. Also, they are all touching each other…the girl in front is being touched on the shoulder by a boy, and on the hip by a girl – which comes across as innocent and wholesome, and yet, none of the middle schoolers I know would casually group themselves like that. I’m curious if that picture rings true to the Spanish speaking community as the english version does to the small slice of the middle school world that I am in touch with,

  2. hey jennifer — yeah, of course, i had nothing to do with the cover (didn’t even know the book was happening until i got the cover in the mail!). i know that the spanish ys books are developed more with an eye to the central and south american markets (they sell to spanish-speaking audiences in the states also; but i don’t think that’s the primary reference point for those who develop them). i agree, the kids look older. and, i know i’m pretty weak on understanding spanish, but this version doesn’t seem to have the early adolescent focus that the original book did (which was part of the “middle school survival series”. so i’m guessing they modified the content some also (which is great with me!).

  3. Hi!! Marko the book is great!! Amigo!!

    The kids on the cover are from my church in Argentina, they are between 13 and 16 and totally reflects the spanish market. Just to clarify a little bit to Jennifer.

    P.S. and Marko your spanish is good! I think you only need to practise so come to the Convention in September: http://www.convencionliderazgo.com
    in Buenos Aires!!

  4. You’ll know you’ve made it big some day when your book is released in Polish. I’m not sure why I think that’s a plateau to reach but it sounds good at 11:13 at night. :)

  5. ok… I’m gonna to say it! The spanish version has one guy surrounded by uno, dos, tres chicas!

    yea… that should sell Rico Suave

    and don’t even get me started on the tittle….

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