an extremely helpful sign

i hadn’t realized the band (the david crowder band — see previous posts) are leading worship at their own church tomorrow morning in waco. i’ve always wanted to go to UBC, since i’m friends with these guys and with chris seay (who started it back in the day, but is no longer there). so i found a cheap flight on southwest from austin tomorrow, and am staying one more night. woo-hoo! party on, garth.

had to post this beautiful and helpful photo, taken inside the elevator (the sign was on the elevator door) at the ice-rink they played at last night in kearney, nebraska. now that’s some helpful information!

4 thoughts on “an extremely helpful sign”

  1. Marko,

    I was in Kearney last night as well. Wish I’d known you were there. I don’t know why that would have done me any good, but for a “gee whiz” moment, it would have done nicely. Perhaps something related to “Gee whiz, all the good ministry stuff I love is in the same place at once!”

    I brought Hogan some Harley socks last night and it made my night. Do me a favor and take care of those guys. It seems like maybe they’re having a bit of a rough time of it lately, and I’m sure having you touring with them is a needed pick-me-up.

    Take care!

  2. Now, you know, W could’ve used a sign like that a few months back! Remember the footage of him trying valiantly to open a door that looked as though it SHOULD open?!

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