an instrument i’d never heard of

i watched with an open mouth of awe at this monstrosity, the contrabass saxaphone. apparently, there are only about 25 in existence. maybe that’s because the contrabass it’s quite large (about 6 foot 4 inches) and heavy (45 lbs). or, maybe there are only 25 because, well, it just doesn’t sound very good!

here’s Marcel W. Helland playing a few bits on his deeply honkerifous contrabass sax:

8 thoughts on “an instrument i’d never heard of”

  1. Ah, the sounds of young men making fart sounds with an instrument. It’s what student ministry is ALLLLLLL about.

  2. That’s lower than a tuba… I’m impressed. The guy at the end reminds me of a young Weird Al Yankavic

  3. We had a guy in my high school band that played contrabass. I played the tuba, and he would sit next to us on this really tall stool with his contrabass on a stand and pump out the bass line with us. I thought it was amazing because it was taller than I was.

  4. I played Baritone Sax in marching band and thought that was awful…that contrabass looks like something Satan would use against marching band geeks in Far Side Hell.

  5. It doesn’t sound all that bad. The only reason why it sounds bad is because he is playing music written for smaller instruments that require less air support and can be tongued much more easily.

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