9 thoughts on “an odd day to be in grand rapids”

  1. Wood TV 8 is lame, and sadly, the best news outlet GR has. I counted at least 3 things that were not correct with this story.

  2. My inner 7th grader is still snickering at the name of the site… WoodTV. (Insert beavis and butthead laugh)

    Glad everything seems ok.

  3. Tammy – I thought that was funny too. “Emergency personnel took the other employees to a Krispy Kreme office across the street for possible treatment.” Just what kind of treatment do you get at Krispy Kreme.

    I don’t want to make light of the situation, it sounds like something fairly serious. But you would think that some editor would read that article and say “would you please rephrase the insinuation that Krispy Kream is now a treatment center for hazardous materials!”

  4. the whole krispy kreme thing cracks me up — i don’t THINK we were in a krispy kreme distribution center. i talked to one of the guys who works there and he said something about carpet squares.

  5. No, there is a donut place across the street, but it is across the OTHER street. And I’m pretty sure it isn’t Krispy Kreme, because I have a friend who used to work there. It smells like cinamon rolls and sugar wafer cookies every now and then outside. Especially when you happen to be on a diet. It was just an office building. There is a small law firm and a bunch of other little offices in there.

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