anaheim NYWC blog round-up

one last time, here’s the final list of bloggers i was following during the anaheim convention. i removed those who didn’t post after all, and added a few more to the list as i found them…

andrew seely
ryan nielsen
josh johnson
ty hogue
friar tuck
joshua michael
d’caffeinated pickle
mike rose
josh cook
lars rood
mike king
lilly lewin
tony jones

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3 thoughts on “anaheim NYWC blog round-up”

  1. MarkO, I did something horribly wrong:) I left the convention without purchasing a DVD of copy of two key-notes. Is there any way I can still do that?

  2. josh — doesn’t sound too horrible! the only horrible thing is that they’ll cost twice as much. ys contracts with an outside company (psi discs), and they sell them on this website:

    unfortunately, they’re NOT available as downloads — only CDS (of seminars and general session talks) and DVDs (of general session talks).

  3. Had a terrific time at YS-NYWC.

    I am a first timer. I would have live blogged but didn’t have the energy at the end of the day nor the willingness to pay Hilton Hotel the costs of accessing their wireless internet network!

    In any case, have posted thoughts for anyone who wants to check them out.

    Huge thanks to the YS team for putting together such a terrific event! I was encouraged and challenged.

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