another uniqueness of soulsurvivor

during the “ministry times” (in the main sessions, a time of prayer and waiting on god – which, by the way, mike p has thoroughly “normalized” for the students, so there is very little weirdness or grandstanding), there are no adults directly involved. It’s basically thousands of teenagers standing with their peers in prayer and waiting on god with, and on behalf of, their friends. it is beautiful and stunning to watch.

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  1. i see you are in Seattle Sept 10th are you staying over and if so, are you speaking somewhere on Sunday the 11th?

  2. Mark, I am organising a conference in 2007 here in england how do i go about booking your good self? Assumming this trip hasnt put you off too much!

    Guildford (surrey)

  3. tony — normally about 10 or 15 minutes; though they usually dismiss people if they want to leave, and many stand praying for quite a bit longer.

    rose — i’m preaching that sunday morning in the host church for the CORE (gold creek community church, in mill creek)

    tim — thanks, i’m honored that you would ask. shoot me an email ([email protected])

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