apologies for lousy posting

it’s been a lame posting week (and my visits show it!). but, heck, i think hospitalization is a pretty good excuse. you shoulda seen me sitting there in that bed with that IV in my arm and various other things hooked up to me, posting via my cell phone. sorry — don’t have a pic of that to share with you.

i’m home now. tired, recovering, a bit sore all over, and slowly re-introducing food (had a glass of lo-fat veggie juice for breakfast, and a bowl of lo-fat granola with soy milk for lunch). just watched (finally) the exorcism of emily rose (wow!). back to the office tomorrow, and on up to the anaheim convention on wednesday morning.

i’ll be back to regular posting again starting tomorrow.

hey — let me know if you’ll be blogging at the anaheim convention. i’ll be posting a list later in the week.

21 thoughts on “apologies for lousy posting”

  1. Marko:

    Glad to hear you’re beginning to feel better.

    Don’t overdo yourself at the convention! Take care of yourself first. :)

  2. Glad you’re feeling better. I’ll be at the Anaheim convention and should be posting there too.

    Take it easy…seriously.

  3. Marko,

    Glad to hear you are doing better. Looking forward to seeing you in Anaheim.

    I will be blogging about the convention as I will be there the whole time as well.

  4. Big Marko,

    Good to hear you’ll be up for Anaheim… Ill be blogger from the convention, as well as video blogging for my students on our myspace page!

  5. Hope you feel better soon!

    I may try to blog from the convention…but I make no promises. Hey…it’s a weekend away with my wife with no kids in sight.

  6. Will be in Anaheim but not blogging – my 11 year old son is jealous that I will get to see you because he loved your seminar at DCLA!

  7. See, this is what happens. You clense yourself of all chemicals and then you get some by accident and it lays your butt out in the hospital.

  8. marko,
    actually i think your argentina trip might be to blame. I’ve got ten – one odds its a parasite that is slapping you around.
    I gonna be trying ot post as well if i can dig up a wifi

  9. Glad you are getting to feeling better slowly. I’ll be praying for you as you hit Austin! Oh and I am glad you enjoyed watching UM trounce Northwestern, but don’t get too used to it because the Buckeyes are going to take it to em in 3 weeks!


  10. marko,

    i’ll be blogging from anaheim! can’t wait to see what ys has in store this year for us. also can’t wait to be back home in cali for a week. double-double, huntington beach and the lbc here i come!

  11. marko, i hope you’re feeling better.
    i’ll be blogging from anaheim and excited to experience my first ys convention. peace.

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