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i was called out for one use of the word “suck”. i suppose i do try to be reasonabily clean in my language-use here, knowing the wrath i would needlessly bring down otherwise.

click the rating thing to find your own. but be forwarned, it’s a widget for an online dating thing, and you might want to edit the code a touch before posting it, like i did.

(ht to zach)

11 thoughts on “apparently this is a family-friendly blog”

  1. Why are you “trying” to be reasonably clean? Shouldn’t our language be reasonably clean always? I am currently struggling with this
    with my teenager as well,and he’s a Christian What is reasonably clean anyway?

  2. I just tried it again and it came “G” because there is no bad language. Whatever…I am not going to edit my blog! :)

  3. Wow you’re getting flack for saying “trying”! Imagine what would of happened if you got a P.G. rating.

  4. For “Suck?” When did suck become bad??? Do the people that get so uptight about this – realize how many “clean” words that are used by not just kids, but adults – originate from sexual connotation or are a variation of another swear word???

    I’m sorry – but I get upset over things like this. What words ARE we allowed to say?

    Goshdarnit – geewillikers! Jeepers!

  5. Didn’t mean it be flack Chris, just thought
    it was interesting. It’s a current situation
    I’m in, I work in a secular environment where
    the language can be pretty harsh,and I find
    it interesting when I hear the saame language
    from my youth or our leaders. What is
    reasonably clean?

  6. My wife and I were surprised to see you use “wtf” in a blog recently. Didn’t offend me as I see it all the time in youth’s blogs and stuff, just surprised me. Is there an alternative “G” or “PG” translation of “wtf” that I don’t know about?

  7. howie, if a replacement word is what you require, consider “frick”, “flip”, or “frig”, all of which i have heard people use.

  8. Thanks Marko! That works. :) I’ve actually had youth get on my case for using “suck”, so I’ve worked on eliminating it from my vocab. I used to use “pissed” as well, and have worked that one out.

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