“are you a bigger loser than marko?” update, week 3


argh, i just had my week 3 weigh-in, and frustrated is the word! i was hoping that with addition of working out this past week, i would see a good drop. but, no. only .8 pounds this week; which really ticks me off. i ate smart and worked out. grrrrrrr. i weighed myself at home yesterday morning and this morning (a different scale than my official weigh-in, which is here at the ys office), and i actually put ON two pounds in the last 24 hours.

i started a 10 day cleanse today (isagenix), which i’m hoping will help things get moving again this week. i fully expected, with these lousy results, to drop below the 14th place i’ve been holding (instead of moving into the top ten, which was my goal). i’m in 15th place in “the men’s division”, which was a nice way of our web peeps letting me think i’m in the running, as i think my 14th place, prior to this week, was overall.

on a positive note, this sentence was on the “are you a bigger loser than marko?” community site, below the list of the top 10 women and top 10 men:

You might be interested to know that you all lost a total of 1,125.8 pounds in 3 weeks!!!

wow. that’s, like, more than a dozen middle school kids!

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  1. You will work out for quite a while and then out of nowhere the pounds will start shedding. Been there, done that. Just keep at it and don’t worry.

  2. I know the feeling! I weighed myself early Sunday morning and was frustrated to see that I had gained 2 pounds! It looks like many are having the same problem. It’s ‘gut check’ time.

  3. One thing to remember when you are working to lose huge amounts of weight every week is that eventually your body will go into starvation mode. When this happens it is really difficult to lose those extra pounds because your body is stubbornly holding on. It sounds strange but when that happens it is good to sneak in a piece of cake or a cheeseburger every now and then because it will actually help you shed those extra pounds.

  4. Keep it Marko!! Don’t fast for too long. Like Michball said, you’ll go into starvation mode. I lost most of the weight when I ate a little bit all day long. Hang in there…you’re doing GREAT!!

  5. thanks for all the input, peeps. i’m not in starvation mode, and i’m not fasting! i’m on a very detailed cleanse. lots of protein and other healthy stuff. worry not.

  6. “get things moving” That’s funny. I’m slower now than when I lost all the weight shooting for the chaplaincy but it’s okay. Do what’s right over time and keep at it and it will always get the results you want. It’s not about winning the 12 week contest, it’s about winning by staying with it and being here longer than 12 more years. That’s my thinking, anyways.

  7. “Only 8 pounds…” dude, you’re such a dork. ;^) 8 pounds is phenomenal!!!! I work my tail off for 3-4 pounds a week. and you weigh considerably less than me. 8 pounds is great.

    I think Cathy’s math might be off though. If you lost 8 lbs and dropped a place, how did I lose only 5 and move 8 places up to #9?

    anyway, keep up the good work!

  8. Hey Marko, I lost a bunch a weight about twelve years ago (I went from 223 to about 185). The thing that helped me when I was not losing weight for periods of time was remembering that when done right (weights with cardio with proper nutrition) you are actually building muscle as you lose fat. Muscle weighs more than fat so sometimes the scales can be deceiving. A better guage is how loose your clothes fit. You are losing inches of fat while gaining ounces of muscle and the pants start to feel a little looser. Don’t be discourged. As you build muscle you are building a better butter burner. Your muscles burn fat throughout the day. So stay the course my friend!

  9. Wait a second – you’re fifteenth out of how many males, 75-100? I’m thinking you shouldn’t be frustrated. You’re doing pretty well.

    Or, speaking as someone who is ahead of you in the standings, I still consider you prime competition. Your time in the top 10 is coming, it isn’t a question of if, it is a question of when!

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