average reaction time

so, you think you’re quick?

try this reaction time test. just wait with your mouse on the red dot, then click when it turn to yellow (is that yellow? i’m color blind. seriously.) this isn’t a trick, btw, that will set you up to concentrate so you will be terrorized when the ghoul jumps out at you (i was nervous about that!).

i scored an average of .24 seconds on my first try. which, the results said was “pretty good.”

how ’bout you?

26 thoughts on “average reaction time”

  1. I did it three times, because every time it was over .3 seconds, and “a little slow.” I can’t say I’m surprised though, because I don’t have any reflexes.

  2. .22… I think they need to pair this game with one of those games where you have to really focus, then some creepy guy screams. that should be the last thing the red dot turns into! :)

  3. Heh. Instead of your link, I clicked on the picture, and stared at it for 20 seconds before I realized nothing was going to happen. I thought THAT was the trick until I saw the actual link.

  4. Like an idiot, I clicked the picture, too.
    My reaction time figuring out that was a bonehead move was NOT very good.

  5. So, uhm, I don’t think that’s accurate at all. I don’t want to spoil the fun, but that can’t be accurate. It’s not possible to accurately gauge how fast you are clicking unless that little flash app has a built in latency factor for your mouse and, to a lesser extent your computer speed (for which it would need to have a database of the natural latency numbers for every mouse and computer out there).

    Every mouse has a different latency to it and a delay between when you click and when the input is registered into your compute (especially wireless mouses are terrible for this). It’s why computer “gamers” buy really nice expensive mouses.

    And I highly doubt that that little flash app has
    a database like that built in.

    I would venture to guess that some of the higher time people out there have wireless mouses or laptop trackpads, and some of the lower times out there have expensive mouses. So, don’t lose heart all ye who are weary and heavy laden over your reaction time speeds. It’s probably not very accurate.

    And yes, “mouses” is the correct plural when talking about the kind that attach to a computer. :)


    ^^^^—- *is a geek*.

  6. Sitte & JT — Ha! I’m glad I’m not the only one who stared at the picture instead of playing the game!! I was totally thinking, “I guess the trick is it takes so long that you forget you’re playing.”

  7. I went from a consistent .33 to a consistent .23 after changing from my laptop button to a proper mouse. Maybe I’ll invest in a new fan-dangled gamer mouse and get a sub .2 it’d totally be worth the cash money…

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