ysmarko’s best of 2007: blogs

ok, so i’ve posted about my favorite books, music, tv and movies. this one is a bit more difficult, as blogs have ebb and flow to them. but if i were to narrow it down to the handful that i am consistently happy to see show up with new posts in my blog reader, i’d go with these:

tony jones. tony backed off from blogging a year ago or so. but he’s back in reasonably full force, with thoughtful posts, good links, and news to take note of in the emerging church.

stephen shields. stephen’s faithmaps blog is the best of links to articles, posts and issues in the emerging church.

scot mcknight. i don’t read all of scot’s posts anymore. i have a job, and just can’t read that much. but i skim every day and “save for later” those that i want to read more slowly. scot helps me wrestle with my own theology.

kurt johnston. kurt is an in-the-trenches youth worker who blogs a similar mix to me, i think: stuff about his ministry, his family, stuff he likes (like movies), and stuff he is learning.

ypulse. if you read my blog, you’ve likely noticed i link to anastasia goodstein’s ypulse blog quite often. she’s one of my two best sources for research, articles and interesting net bits about teenagers. the other of my sources for this is bob carlton, though not normally via his excellent blog, but more often via email.

the ongoing adventures of ASBO jesus. john birch posts a church and faith-related cartoon most days. love ’em.

here’s a reasonably current list of the blogs i follow daily.

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