ysmarko’s best of 2007: books

i’m going to post a little series of “best of 2007” categories. they’re all merely my opinion, of course. hopefully, i’ll have one post per day for 6 or 7 days, if i get them done.

first, up, my favorite books of 2007

what is the what, by dave eggers. my blog review here. amazing fiction/non-fiction mash-up, telling the true story of a sudanese lost boy.

how (not) to speak of god, by pete rollins. my blog review here. one of the most “can’t put it down” books on the emerging church i’ve ever read. rollins both challenged my thinking, and put words to things for me. the section showing how his spiritual community has put flesh on these ideas was praxis briliance.

the new christians, by tony jones. my teaser blog review here. it’s a bit of a cheat to include this in 2007, since it doesn’t release for 2 months still (march, 2008). but i read it in 2007. compelling, helpful, articulate, creative.

let my people go surfing, by yvon chouinard. my blog review here. one of the two or three best business books i’ve ever read. one of those books that is good for any leader, in any organization (including churches) to read, as the author so clearly and passionately articulates the implications of being truly committed to your mission.

take this bread, by sara miles. my blog review here. best spiritual memoir of the year, or, probably, best spiritual memoir of the last few years. trust me on this one: read it.

the book of dave, by will self. my blog review here. creative, challenging, sometimes confusing novel-cum-religio-political-commentary. fascinating on several levels (story, allegory, character, apocalyptic vision).

7 thoughts on “ysmarko’s best of 2007: books”

  1. Marko, I liked it last year when you broke down your favorite books by category. (not that it matters) but I thought it was cool. I often read authors that you suggest and in the past year I read several. (including Love Sucks, which I loved! I got it from the library in our small town and it was funny when the librarian left a message on our machine that said that the book we ordered “Love Sucks” was in.

  2. I love/hate your best of ’07 books list. I love it because I read your reviews and get excited about those books, and want to read them too. I hate it because I just got 4-5 new books for Christmas and am trying to read them and enjoy them withouth going on to new books. [this year = Tony Jones- Sacred Way, Doug Pagitt – Preaching Re-imagined, Thomas Friedman – The World is Flat, and Mike King’s Presence Centered YM.]

  3. Thanks for the list, have How not to Speak… on my ‘to read pile’ after going to the Ikon ‘service’ (if that what it was) at Greenbelt… very…unique experience!

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