ysmarko’s best of 2007: music

this is a series of my subjective best-of choices in various categories. nothing, i suppose, could be more subjective than music. but here’s my favorites of 2007:

remedy, by david crowder band. i sing out loud to this album. key word: loud. my review here.

surf music unplugged, by the duo-tones. surprise find. massively cool acoustic music on two guitars.

the reminder, by fiest. haunting, beautiful, unique.

flyleaf, by flyleaf. screamo, baby, with a chick singer. after downloading and getting into this band, i found out they’re christians.

the idan raichel project, by idan raichel. world music to groove by. israeli-centered, but influenced by a dozen other cultures. there are tracks on this cd i could put on “repeat” and listen to all day long. my review here.

“once” soundtrack, by glen hansard and marketa irglova. i’ve listened to this more in the past month than anything else. gorgeous. this is school for every songwriter, and magic for listeners. my review of the movie here.

elect the dead, by serj tankian. system of a down singer on his solo project. dude seriously works it out. head-banger of the year for me.

in search of a unified theory, the cobalt season. ryan once again takes his craft (lyrics, melody) to a realm of honesty and musical tastiness that should make him the darling of the alterna-folk crowd. if they could ever find him. my review here.

in rainbows, by radiohead. what can i say?

9 thoughts on “ysmarko’s best of 2007: music”

  1. A couple of additions:

    Paramore (Riot): my favorite album of the year. It’s a little popish but I love her voice.

    Saul Williams (Sunday Bloody Sunday): I still love the U2 version more but this blow my socks off.

  2. I would also add “Paper Skin” by Kendal Payne. Even though I did miss the acoustic guitar, it’s a great album. Plus it was cool hearing it played on the show Gray’s Anatomy.

  3. i considered adding kendall’s cd — it IS great. i’d put it in my next category. i really, really, love it, but don’t listen to it quite as often as the ones i’ve posted here.

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