blahblah fish

this is awesome fun with translation! blahblah fish translates any sentence you type in into one of a dozen or so languages, then back into english. wacky translation silliness commences.

i entered this sentence:

read ysmarko daily, as a regular part of your blog reading diet.

and here are a few of the results:

japanese: Read the daily newspaper of ysmarko, as a systematic part of book-reading diet of your [burogu].

italian: it reads the daily paper of ysmarko, like normal part of your diet of the reading of the blog.

korean: Your blow read ysmarko daily newspapers, in the part which that reading diet is fixed.

chinese (traditional): Reads the ysmarko daily paper, takes you Bork to study a diet regular part.

learn ysmarko daily , as a typical part of yours blog learn diet.

czech: read out ysmarko journal , not but that a sound segment of yours blog reading diet.

and my favorite, danish: read through ysmarko every day , that is to say whole some of yours blog reading fare.

7 thoughts on “blahblah fish”

  1. “i was unable to see a link to click on” =
    “as for me link was not seen in order to be attached “ (japanese)

    “oops – late night posting. fixed.”
    “oops – late night enters. regulation.” (korean)

    man, this is more addictive than the sand art thingy.

  2. John 3:16 turns out like this:

    Japanese — So, in order to pass the eternal life where he does not die and that whosoever believes him just the son who is gained the world where it gives because of the God which is loved.

    Russian — For so fallen in love god to peace which it gave to his only generated son to which whosoever it believes in I eat not to only have eternal life.

    Korean — Means that he his whosoever him will not die like this in cry of distress in order to send the life which is eternal the pebble which believes only the son whom comes to see as the world which gives respects the shoes which is loved but. (No wonder we can’t communicate with the North Lorean government!)

    Icelandic — Pay lip service to Supreme Being thus love the world he gave his sole begotten sonur whosoever believe into he would not perish while á brjósti undying líf.

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