blog anniversary

in addition to being world malaria day, today is the 3rd anniversary of my blog. according to, traditional 3rd anniversary gifts are leather, and modern 3rd anniversary gifts are crystal. i’m thinking of buying my blog a nice a nice leather choker and a crystal shoe.

some stats:

i’ve posted about 2760 times in three years, which comes out to an average of 2.5 per day.

since i loaded sitemeter, a half year or so after i started blogging, i’ve had about 577,000 visitors, and twice that many page views (thanks for stopping by!).

my average weekday visits these days are between 1000 and 1600 (with 1800 – 2800 page views), and my average weekend visits are about 600 – 800 per day (with 800 – 1200 page views).

i have 235 YSMarko Facebook app users, 287 who subscribe to emails of ysmarko via feedburner, and 31 who have ysmarko in their bloglines and 299 subscribers on google reader (i’m not savvy enough to know how to figure out how many have ysmarko in other readers).

since i added akistmet a good year after i started blogging, it has caught 1,740,000 spam comments for me.

i’ve had 14,226 comments over the three years, (though my wordpress dashboard says i’ve had 1964 posts in three years, when this is actually my 2660th post, so i’m not sure the comment number is accurate).

technorati says i currently have a ranking of 400 (number of unique incoming links in the past 6 months), and a total of 2280 incoming links in the past 6 months. this still places ysmarko as the 13,830th blog in the blogosphere (far out of the top 10K i had when i was in the same ranking range about a year ago). it has been “favorited” by 26 fans on technorati.

most days, i still love blogging. i love the discipline of it, i love that i’ve gotten to know people through this space, and i love the interaction (most of the time) with commenters.

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