blogging and/or twittering from the nashville nywc?

i’m a little bit afraid of what compiling the list is going to be like, since the previous two cities were LONG lists, and this site has twice as many people attending. but… let me know if you’ll be blogging and/or twittering from the national youth workers convention in nashville this coming week. i’ll post the list on thursday.

35 thoughts on “blogging and/or twittering from the nashville nywc?”

  1. Hey twitter folks! Help NYWC show up on the “What’s hot” list on Twitter by noting all your tweets #nywc while on location. (They will also show up at as well, that site will switch to Nashville early next week)

    We could get as cool as those puppies on ustream. Marko on the Today show???

  2. I’m twittering (samiam2). I’d blog, too, but from past conventions it looks like it’ll take lots of time and energy. Short and tweet – that’s the twitter way.

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