16 thoughts on “blogging at the san diego NYWC?”

  1. I’ll be blogging from San Diego. It would be fun to do one of those live blogging things from one of the general sessions. Kind of like they do at Apple launches of a new product.

  2. Marko — Count me in as another blogger. Will there be a wireless connection setup? I’ll probably ask the presenters personally, but is it alright with them if we’re live blogging at their seminars?

  3. i don’t think there’s free wireless at the T&C. if you on a higher floor in the hotel tower, you can pick up the free wireless from one of the budget hotels across the freeway, though!

  4. I’ll be blogging but am going to try doing it from a different perspective this year. Instead of just writing about the conference I’m going to write about how my staff is connecting with each other at the conference. Simple decision as I’m bringing a huge group and need them to be more connected and to love each other.

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