blogging from the anaheim NYWC

here’s the ever-changing list of bloggers who say they will be active (blogging, that is) during the national youth workers convention in aneheim this weekend. i’ll update the list a handful of times, i’m sure.

andrew seely
ryan nielsen
josh johnson
ty hogue
friar tuck
joshua michael
d’caffeinated pickle
mike rose
josh cook
lars rood
mike king
lilly lewin
tony jones
and, me, of course.

[some of these links, from people who SAID they’d be blogging, are still bone dry. c’mon!]

10 thoughts on “blogging from the anaheim NYWC”

  1. Wish I was there…I’d blog too hehe. How about the YS Convention WEBCAST!!! WEBCAST!!! Please? That would be way cool. Praying for you and the YS staff this week Marko!

  2. Heck yea “KC”…Marko, I think you all need to add a “behind the scenes” segment from the NYWC for the next Podcast…you know, the truth about what goes on backstage….

  3. Have a good convention – I found out today that I am not able to go. It’s a money-where’s that money best spent… issue. :( :( :(

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