blogging from the austin NWYC

here’s a list of bloggers i’ve found who are blogging from the austin national youth workers convention this week. let me know if i missed you! i’ll update this list as i find more.

rookie youth worker
matthew mcnutt (the maine respresentative on this season’s ‘the biggest loser’ — he says we won’t recognize him)
twelve string
lilly lewin
brian schulenburg
one canadian’s comments on life
tim schmoyer
tom cottar
the bridge youth min (video blogs)
john mitchem
matt mckee
jamie osborne
stac’s blog
the mesh
todd’s takes
evan’s blog (video blog)
…one action…
kingdom adventure
and, well, me

13 thoughts on “blogging from the austin NWYC”

  1. marko, sadly I won’t be in Austin. I can only swing one convention this week, Cincy. But put me on the list for blogging from there. :)

  2. tom, added you to the list, and read your post today (tried to comment, but couldn’t figure out how). but, dude, if you’re going to hang with mike yaconelli — as your post says — please let me know where. i’d love to come by and see him (since, uh, he died three years ago).

    maybe you mean “mark” yaconelli? mike’s son. (he will be here)

  3. Um, 2 seconds ago I saw a picture of “matthew” on the hotmail ad section, and then found his name here. That’s so weird. ANyway, he looks fantastic. It’s such a drastic change!!!

  4. Hmmm, I might blog from the NYWC… or I might not. I’ll do whatever is conducive to making this weekend useful and productive. If writing my thoughts down will be beneficial to me and my ministry, I will. But I could also see myself taking the time that would be spent writing and talking with other people about some of the things that I’m sure will be running through my head. So I don’t know for sure if I will or not.

  5. Austin ROCKS have a great time all–hey Marko while you’re there if someone mentions SALT LICK for bar b q get in their car and go with them if you havn’t been there yet.

  6. We’ve never met Marko, but you did touch my shoulder the other night while I was playing some Guitar Hero. Anyway, I’m blogging from NYWC also.

  7. I’m blogging, even as you speak! Good stuff on change, and on church/leadership health. Thanks for sharing your story and helping us envision health in our own situations.

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