blogging lull, and what i did on my silent retreat

thanks to all who are reading my blog these days. my readership has continued to increase, and i’m thankful and honored and humbled.

but, dang, the blog can be an obsession sometimes, huh? i mean, sometimes it’s a happy obsession, that i just want to flirt with all the time. but other times, it’s a bit of a ball-and-chain. really, i love the process and the community and the accountability. but i’ve been SO freakin’ busy lately, it’s difficult to keep up.

and i’ve noticed that my posts have been pretty shallow of late. lost of links. lots of funny stuff. but not much substance. that bugs me. but it’s a whole like more speedy.

i returned from my silent retreat this evening in time for my jh guy small group, then caught up with jeannie a bit, then it was time for bed. but i realized: crap, i don’t have a post ready for tomorrow (i’m writing this wednesday night). i was hoping i’d have something juicy in my draft posts. but it’s scraping the bottom of the barrel — just a few funny pics and other things.

my retreat was nicely timed, after all the other stuff i’ve been doing. i didn’t have a lightening bolt from god. but it was good to slow down and shut up. i read 5 books in 48 hours. and i stayed on my diet.

i wanted to disconnect on this retreat, so i purposely only brought fiction. i’ll post reviews on these in the days to come. but here are the five i read:

Evolution, Me & Other Freaks of Nature, by Robin Brande. an amazing young adult fiction book of spiritual crisis.

The Gum Thief: A Novel, by Douglas Coupland. coupland is one of my favorite fiction writers. never fails to be inventive and insightful.

Long Way Back: A Novel, by Brendan Halpin. best of the 5. grief, redemption, faith (losing and finding).

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, by Sherman Alexie. fun young adult fiction coming of age story. good telling of an outsider overcoming.

heroes, volume one. this hardcover comic (over 200 page long, so more of a graphic novel), was written as weekly web installments for season one of the tv show. gorgeous illustration.

7 thoughts on “blogging lull, and what i did on my silent retreat”

  1. Marko…

    Nothing against your substance posts, but I actually come to your blog primarily for the links, references, etc. I feel like you have a unique position of interacting with thousands of people influencing youth, and then sorta pulling some of those conversations, resources and just cools stuff onto your little community bulletin board and blog. I have loved some of the deeper conversations as well, but the random youth ministry links, pics, vids, quotes, reviews, etc are priceless.

    Thanks for being obsessive!

  2. Brad – that is hilarious – but I would sometimes like my 12 year old son to be a little less of a man!

  3. Thanks for the hints. I had seen that Sherman Alexie had a new book out…but wasnt sure how good it would be. He is one funny individual. Saw him on CSPAN last month.

    And I now see I am several books behind on Coupland’s stuff.

  4. marko…glad your retreat was renewing! i greatly enjoy your spiritually challenging/insightful posts. just like sermons, sometimes the ones that make me squirm in my seat are the ones from which i gain the most personal application. but…i’m a mama & a woman who loves jr. highers, i also greatly enjoy the posts that make me laugh or occupy inordinate amounts of time playing some random game.
    i wouldn’t want blogging to be a burden, but blessings to you for keeping at it

  5. i’m just glad to see that someone else in ministry would actually take a silent retreat and read stuff like douglas coupland. that kind of time brings deep rest and feeds my soul in a surprisingly profound way (but then again, film watching is also a ‘spiritual discipline’ for me). shalom to you for taking the time (and thanks for tipping me off to a new coupland novel!).

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