here’s what i’ve got in my blog reader these days. i try to keep it paired down — i just don’t have time to read hundreds of blogs every day. but these are the ones i look at at least once a day. there are dozens of others – particularly youth ministry blogs – that i check in on from time to time, but aren’t listed here. And, if I find that someone hasn’t posted for a year, I unsubscribe. A few of these are very close to that!

the categories are somewhat arbitrary – they’re just what work for me!

tash mcgill
scot mcknight
seth barnes
david hayward
asbo jesus
andy marin
jonny baker
andrew jones
tony jones
dan kimball
zach lind
crystal kirgiss

youth ministry (this is a tough category for me, because there are SO many wonderful youth ministry blogs. i read dozens and dozens more than this on an occasional basis. but these are the handful i find the most thoughtful and challenging, or, frankly, are just friends of mine in youth ministry that i want to stay current with.)
mike king
fuller youth institute blog
josh griffin
kurt johnston
lars rood
brooklyn lindsey
adam mclane
wayne rice
rachel blom
scott miller
david hausknecht
r.j. grunewald
bethany stolle
terrace crawford
doug fields

ymcp (these youth ministry bloggers are current or former participants in my youth ministry coaching program)
robb gossen
paul martin
luke macdonald
zack weingartner
marty estes
andy sahl
chuck hilman
joel mayward
jeff goins
rocky supinger
daniel longden
kevin libick
sam halverson
shawn kiger

journey (my church)
brian berry (generations and high school pastor, close friend)
josh treece (the former middle school guy)
todd tolson (former discipleship guy, and long-ago middle school pastor, now a church planter)
christina robertson (christina is our middle school pastor, and i’m one of her volunteers)
ed noble (lead pastor, and friend of over 20 years)

humor and oddities
passive aggressive notes
fail blog
mcsweeney’s lists
exploding dog

4 thoughts on “Blogs”

  1. Hey Mark, I found your blog as I researched for a blog project. Would you drop a me a line, I think you might be interested in what I’m doing. bookgirl4 [at]


  2. Questions? ? I understand being fired as a youth worker, I experienced something similar in 1985 not having my teaching contract renewed by a Christian school; but why were you let
    go at zondervan??? and please don’t engage in image management or my son is really going to be disappointed if you can’t tell me cause then I can’t justify the expense of spring hill in February. 2nd, what topics and supporting scriptures will you be speaking on (notice the order…I don’t expect expository preaching at a youth camp. After researching you on Web i felt it only just to ask you to be
    “OPEN” with (what a clever marketing
    word) me

  3. And let you tell me what I can expect my only son to hear from you at springhill
    Thank you for engaging a concerned father

  4. You should check etsy for some new bad nativities – bunnywithatool has some, the pinto bean “holy frijoles”, a teacup that looks like M and J are in a hot tub, and one marked “mature content” that I was afraid to open. LOL

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