Blue Like Jazz The Movie and The Way Bible Giveaway

any reader of this blog knows how completely stoked i am about The Way bible, a bible i spent 2 years developing for tyndale publishers. it’s an NLT bible with hundreds of stories and elements that curate the message of scripture and the kingdom of god. developed with 17 – 30 year olds in mind (but, heck, i think it’s a pretty killer bible for high schoolers, and i’d like it as a 48 year-old), the intent is to create space for questions, doubt and hope.

and, since, you know, i have a hook up with the publisher, i get to give some of ’em away.

but i also have friends connected to Blue Like Jazz (The Movie), which has its theatrical release at the end of this week. of course, many of you have read the book, and some of you have seen a screening of the movie (as i have). and i think you’ll see why it makes sense that i would think this movie (which is great, btw) and this bible would connect with the same kind of people (regardless of age). the cool thing is, i get to give away movie tickets also.

seriously, this is probably the best giveaway i’ve ever gotten to host on my wee humble blog. i’m going to award 20 winners with a prize package including 2 movie tickets (which can be used at any theater, any showing of Blue Like Jazz, good until april 30) and a copy of The Way. the movie tix will be a download code, and the copy of The Way will be shipped to your eager little hands. (so, each prize is worth something around fifty bucks!)

i’d love, love, love it if you would show your support by doing a couple things:

heck, i’d love it even more if you would spread the word. tweet this. send people here to this blog post. use the little social media sharing options at the bottom of this post. send people to the BLJ website or The Way website (which, for what it’s worth, is more of an extension of the bible than a marketing site).

i’ve gone ’round and ’round on how to decide who gets the 20 prizes. i thought about giving ’em to the first 20 peeps who bought something from The Youth Cartel store. but i decided that wasn’t ethical (and probably not even legal!). i thought about just saying the first 20 comments win, but decided that was way too boring, and would be over too quickly.

so i’ve settle on this: tell me why you want them (the tix and the bible). keep your answer to 1 – 3 sentences (no need for massive paragraphs and emotional pleading). i’ll pick the first 10 winners at the end of 24 hours (roughly, that is — i’m on vacation this week, so i’ll pick ’em tuesday morning at some point). and i’ll pick the remaining 10 winners a little later — probably on thursday morning.

this is one of four similar contests launching today. i corralled my friend, and The Way contributor, scot mcknight, into doing one on his blog. so, hey, if you don’t win here, maybe you can win at one of the others!

ok… here we go! why do you want the Blue Like Jazz movie tickets and copy of The Way?

oh, and how about a couple trailers:


choosing winners has been MUCH more difficult than i imagined it would be! i grabbed about 40 that caught my attention and copied them into a word doc; then kinda went with a combo of random choosing and my gut from there! sorry to all those who aren’t in the first 10. i’ll be choosing another 10 on thursday.

but, the first 10 are…

Eric McFarland
Vik Schaaf
Stuart Delony
Todd Graham
Rachel Kurtz May
Jordan Wiseman
Jenny Call
Marv Nelson

and, the 2nd (remaining) 10 are…

Kevin Ibanez
Bobby Mooney
Ian Robertson
Chris Saulnier
Danny Eiler
Dawn Wisner-Johnson
ryan guard
Tim Gleason
Mark (from Topeka First)
Brian Barnett

that’s it folks — thanks for playin’! go see the movie even if you didn’t win, and pick up a copy of The Way also.

129 thoughts on “Blue Like Jazz The Movie and The Way Bible Giveaway”

  1. I would love to give a copy of The Way to a student who does not have a Bible in my youth group, but I am not in the position to buy one for them. I also would love to give my stay at home my wife a date night to see the movie.

  2. Taking our kiddos to see BLJ on Sunday night and can’t wait…my only concern is that some may come away with the mindset of “I’m so glad we live in the south and don’t have to deal with that kind of stuff in the Pacific Northwest.”

  3. I would love to give a copy of The Way to a student who is without a Bible and I currently do not have the funds to provide one for them. I would also take my wife (who stays home with our 10 month old daughter and deserves it)on a date night to see the movie.

  4. I am REALLY interested in both these projects and have been following their development for the past year or so. My interest is both personal and related to my work as a youth pastor. Personally… I am a part of a group that reads through the bible together each year, and I would love this to be the next translation I read through. For work… each year our church hands out bibles to our graduating students. I am thinking this could be the next one… but I would really like to check it out first. As for the movie…. the nearest theater is a good hour and a half away. Free tickets would justify the drive down to see it.

  5. i’m a youth worker. my husband is a middle school teacher/worship leader/high school leader. we need a date night and maybe something we can use to think about God and not just what-can-we-teach-the-kids-about-God. both projects sound verrrrry interesting! (thanks, marko)

  6. Loved the book (Blue Like Jazz) – plan to see the movie. Have good reasons for wanting tickets and the free Bible – but having read amykay’s comment above, I will nominate that couple to be winners – youth pastors need date nights and this would be a nice date. BTW – don’t know amykay and husband, but like their post.

    Thanks for offering this.

  7. As a poor, young, inexperienced Student Minister, free resources are a little bit of joy that can get to encourage me to be a better man, husband, pastor. (Yeah… I’m looking for the guilt trip)

  8. I’d love to get the tickets into a couple people’s hands that are really questioning following after God, would be a great conversation starter that could lead them to Christ! As for the Bible, I REALLY WANT A COPY, but I would give it away to a youth group member that has just started coming to group and is not for sure yet if following after Christ is “right” for him.

  9. I have a young lady in our church who is new to Christ and has been through a lot. She has tons of questions and my wife and I enjoy sitting down and chatting with her and her 6th grade son. I believe The Way would be a great tool to put in her hands as she grows in her faith. I bi-vocationally pastor a small church in Iowa and work close to full time as a teller at a bank. Getting the tickets to BLJ would be a great date night for me to take a break from work and her a break from working 24/7 as a stay at home mom.

  10. I am getting married a month after BLJ is released and my fiance and I could use a break! Plus, I was a contributor to The Way and want to share it with EVERYONE!!

  11. I would love a copy of the Way because I am curious and I think it would spark good conversation with my husband and I (we only do “regular Bible study” in fits and starts, we are great for a while and then don’t do anything for months.) Also I would likely incorporate some of the ideas in what I do on the road. I want to see BLJ because I met the author a few times at youth events and I am excited for him and even though I don’t know him, I still feel a connection because we have chatted.

  12. I would love to have a copy of The Way to give away at our Salvation Army Youth Councils at the end of the month. Also, I would like the BLJ tickets mainly because I really want to see the movie :) I absolutely LOVED the book, and when my husband gets home at the end of the month, we will be able to actually have a date night!

  13. 1) Because Jesus tells the disciples in the 14th chapter of John that they know The Way. And I would like to be one of this man’s disciples, which having a copy of The Way might make me?
    2) Because I am but a poor itinerant musician, who cannot afford such luxuries as going to the movies.

  14. I would like the Bible because I have four boys, two of which are teens, and another is a pre-teen, and I would love to see them get more involved in reading the scripture. I would like the tickets simply because I’m a fan of Steve Taylor from decades ago, and would love to see what He did with this movie.

  15. Brand new believer here. I remember my father’s copy of the Way on the bookshelf and remember reading it as a kid (and only now have I “gotten it”). Would love to do the same for myself and my son.

  16. I love free stuff.
    A free movie is always better than a $10 movie.
    That is all.

  17. I want them because I’m convinced that they will make me run faster, jump higher, and make me at least 23% more attractive to the ladies… I need a lady, Marko. This is the first step.

  18. I would like to win. And I’d actually keep the Bible for myself (but after seeing it I bet I’d buy 10 more for my confirmation class) And I know married couples need a date and all, but I’m single and I need a night out, just because! So pick me! :)

  19. I would like to think that I was the first person to read through part of The Way while sitting on the toilet a few weeks ago. I have a strong sense of entitlement from that experience. It makes sense to throw the tickets in with the deal.

  20. Marko – I’ve got a group of fringe kids who need to see the movie. I am taking them anyway but I bet I can get more if I offer some free tix. Same with the Bibles! I will find a way to get them some but free is always better! Thanks!

  21. I’d love to checkout the way. We’re experimenting with beginning the week with a short video devotional, and I think having some youth try out The Way would be nice to add into the mix.

    And who doesn’t like movies?!

  22. I would like the tix because my husband and I have never been to a movie together in our 24 years of marriage. I’d like the Bible to have another reference for study and easy reading.

  23. I would love to be abke to regift the Bibke to my teenage daughter who is struggling with her faith It would be a great tool to help disciple her.

  24. As a high school football team chaplain I am in contact with young guys with all kinds of personalities and backgrounds. Most of them do not relate spiritually with those who are involved in church. I pray that the Movie and The Way Bible will open up opportunities to get these guys to think beyond football, popularity, physical strength and discover what will enrich their lives and give them hope.

  25. I’d really love The Way Bible because I’m 16, and I really want a Bible that I can connect with and it not being too watered down (“for teens”). I’ve been really wanting this since I first heard about it, so if I don’t win I’ll buy it…and I’ve been dying to see the BLJ movie! :)

  26. We are launching a young adult ministry in our church targeting 18-30ish young people and I know that these would be effective tools to help reach them. I’m the pastor overseeing this ministry and it would be great to have a movie we could all see and then sit around with some coffee and chop it up talking about how this movie relates to God. The bible of course would be another resource to help young adults closer to God too.

  27. I would love the way bible to give to my husband. We just started going to church regularly and a bible that is for someone struggling with faith but not being to watered down is awesome. I would like the movie tickets to go see the movie as a date night. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  28. I’d like to check out the Way because I’ve been on the border whether to keep Christ in my life. I think a relevant book could keep me in the fray.

  29. I’d love a copy of The Way because quite simply I don’t have a bible.

  30. I work with youth group, confirmation students, and coordinate the confirmation mentor program. I’m really looking for ways to engage and inspire both groups. The Way would be a wonderful resource to help both students and the adults who care for them, and the tickets would be a fantastic group outing and discussion.

  31. “Why do you want the Blue Like Jazz movie tickets and copy of The Way?”

    The Way Bible is applicable to the current culture -my 11 year old kid listened to the audio Genesis 1-6, John CD and said “that it was cool and catchy.”
    The movie will help him understand how difficult it is to be a christian today, and, therefore decide which Way to go.

  32. Of course I want free tickets and a copy of a great Bible! That’s like me asking why do you want to spend a great vacation with your family. The answers are simply to obvious and numerous for only 3 sentences.

  33. I have been looking forward to the movie and my wife and I are looking for a new Bible. So this would help. Thank you for your time.

  34. I would love to have The Way because Jesus is too important not to share him with someone!

  35. Because I have two teens who I can share this with, so it would be blessing me, AND them and their friends also! Being newly single again, I need to dive into a resource, and refresh my heart! These look INCREDIBLE!

  36. I want to share the Gospel with my grandson who needs to believe in something bigger than himself. This would help me so much! Thanks for the chance.

  37. I would love to have a copy so I could send it with my son, who is leaving for boot camp. Thanks for blessing one of us.

  38. I read Blue Like Jazz years ago, and loved it. I gave it to my daughter for a non fiction book report, and she loved it. And I love collecting Bibles, plain and simple.

  39. Well, honestly… I’d like to win because movie tickets are expensive. I’m also a fan of new bibles and I look forward to interacting with this one. Pick me, pick me!

  40. Blue Like Jazz is a provacative look at how we live out the life as Christ-followers in the post-modern world. Ironic that the Way comes along now – a blast from the past, that helped another generation navigate the waters of cultural and economic upheaval. Will be interested to see this updated edition of The Way; I’ve found the NLT is such a good entre into making friends with your Bible.

  41. I am a University Chaplain seeking to minister to others as I struggle to find my own way. Faith is ever-evolving, and I must renew my spirit in order to be effective at sharing God’s word and work with others.

  42. I would really like to win the Bible for me…daughter was going to get as a birthday gift but did not have in store and tickets so I can see the movie with my daughter. <3 ;)

  43. It would be great to give “The Way” bibles as presents to our graduating seniors! It would be a huge blessing to give this to them and it would allow them to spend time in the Scriptures and be able to relate to stories that give them another avenue of hope, confidence, and a renewed passion for Christ.

  44. I would love to take my fiancee to see BLJ. It would be a great conversation starter for us on how to minister to the high school and college aged students in our church. I would love a copy of the Bible to give to one of my students who is serious about learning more about God.

  45. I’m planting a college campus church in downtown Pittsburgh and would love to have a copy of the Way to walk through with some unsaved College students as well as use the tix to either 1. Take my beautiful bride to or 2. take a college student I know would be touched by it

  46. Almost every years I have the opportunity to give a Bible to one of my history students. What a great history book the Word is and the answer to whatever they are facing in today’s world!

  47. I would love the tickets to use on the much needed upcoming anniversary/ brief vacation my wife and I will be taking in a couple weeks (first weekend away from our 2 month old). I would use the bible in the youth group I lead since we already use the NLT primarily. Eventually I would give it away to a student who doesn’t own a bible and asks me for one.

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