Blue Like Jazz The Movie and The Way Bible Giveaway

any reader of this blog knows how completely stoked i am about The Way bible, a bible i spent 2 years developing for tyndale publishers. it’s an NLT bible with hundreds of stories and elements that curate the message of scripture and the kingdom of god. developed with 17 – 30 year olds in mind (but, heck, i think it’s a pretty killer bible for high schoolers, and i’d like it as a 48 year-old), the intent is to create space for questions, doubt and hope.

and, since, you know, i have a hook up with the publisher, i get to give some of ’em away.

but i also have friends connected to Blue Like Jazz (The Movie), which has its theatrical release at the end of this week. of course, many of you have read the book, and some of you have seen a screening of the movie (as i have). and i think you’ll see why it makes sense that i would think this movie (which is great, btw) and this bible would connect with the same kind of people (regardless of age). the cool thing is, i get to give away movie tickets also.

seriously, this is probably the best giveaway i’ve ever gotten to host on my wee humble blog. i’m going to award 20 winners with a prize package including 2 movie tickets (which can be used at any theater, any showing of Blue Like Jazz, good until april 30) and a copy of The Way. the movie tix will be a download code, and the copy of The Way will be shipped to your eager little hands. (so, each prize is worth something around fifty bucks!)

i’d love, love, love it if you would show your support by doing a couple things:

heck, i’d love it even more if you would spread the word. tweet this. send people here to this blog post. use the little social media sharing options at the bottom of this post. send people to the BLJ website or The Way website (which, for what it’s worth, is more of an extension of the bible than a marketing site).

i’ve gone ’round and ’round on how to decide who gets the 20 prizes. i thought about giving ’em to the first 20 peeps who bought something from The Youth Cartel store. but i decided that wasn’t ethical (and probably not even legal!). i thought about just saying the first 20 comments win, but decided that was way too boring, and would be over too quickly.

so i’ve settle on this: tell me why you want them (the tix and the bible). keep your answer to 1 – 3 sentences (no need for massive paragraphs and emotional pleading). i’ll pick the first 10 winners at the end of 24 hours (roughly, that is — i’m on vacation this week, so i’ll pick ’em tuesday morning at some point). and i’ll pick the remaining 10 winners a little later — probably on thursday morning.

this is one of four similar contests launching today. i corralled my friend, and The Way contributor, scot mcknight, into doing one on his blog. so, hey, if you don’t win here, maybe you can win at one of the others!

ok… here we go! why do you want the Blue Like Jazz movie tickets and copy of The Way?

oh, and how about a couple trailers:


choosing winners has been MUCH more difficult than i imagined it would be! i grabbed about 40 that caught my attention and copied them into a word doc; then kinda went with a combo of random choosing and my gut from there! sorry to all those who aren’t in the first 10. i’ll be choosing another 10 on thursday.

but, the first 10 are…

Eric McFarland
Vik Schaaf
Stuart Delony
Todd Graham
Rachel Kurtz May
Jordan Wiseman
Jenny Call
Marv Nelson

and, the 2nd (remaining) 10 are…

Kevin Ibanez
Bobby Mooney
Ian Robertson
Chris Saulnier
Danny Eiler
Dawn Wisner-Johnson
ryan guard
Tim Gleason
Mark (from Topeka First)
Brian Barnett

that’s it folks — thanks for playin’! go see the movie even if you didn’t win, and pick up a copy of The Way also.

129 thoughts on “Blue Like Jazz The Movie and The Way Bible Giveaway”

  1. I would like the Blue Like Jazz tickets because we studied the book in our small group, and my fiance and I are trying to save money for our wedding, so this would be a great free date night!

    I’d like the Bible because I’m getting ready to graduate seminary and this would be a great resource to add to my library! Thank you!

  2. I would love to see the movie with my husband. It’s been a while since we’ve been out to the movies just the two of us.

    I’d like the Bible for myself and to share with my daughter who’ll be a teenager soon enough.

  3. I would appreciate the tickets because the youth pastor I volunteer for is a big fan of Blue Like Jazz and repaying him for his awesome guidance by seeing the movie would be amazing. I would appreciate the Bible because it’s God’s word and who wouldn’t love that. Also you helped but this version together which gives it that extra amount of AMAZING.

  4. The video for The Way is intriguing and the Bible seems to be exactly what I’ve been searching for to give to my three boys. The movie looks awesome!

  5. I’m going to see BLJ and get a few copies of The Way anyway, so it would be nice to save a few bucks.

  6. Simple: I am a part time youth minister trying to get my church growing and I am having a crappy week. Need something good to happen and a couple of tickets would be awesome!

  7. As a Youth Pastor I’d love to be able to personally check out this Bible before referring it to students or purchasing it for students. Also, I read Blue Like Jazz and really enjoyed it, and would love to take my wife to go see the movie.

  8. I would like the way for two reasons, to study it myself and for my mother who is having difficulty comprehending the bible because of her age and I think she would be able to read the way easier.

  9. I have facial hair……
    and I would love the chance to take my wife on a date to a movie.
    I will give the bible to a student of mine that is leading a Campus Connect group at his school and sharing the gospel with students.

  10. Anything that helps young people dive into scripture more and ask tough ?’s is what I want to get in my students hands…..that’s why I want a copy of the “The Way”

    As for the tix, I hate Christianese movies and I get the feel that this one isn’t going to fit that mold…..I’d love to take someone who isn’t a believer yet and have it spark discussion!

  11. It would be the first movie my wife and I have been on together since the FIRST Chronicles of Narnia, LOL!
    I am a pastor and could use the bible every Sunday Morning to practically help connect people to every-day questions they’re asking … plus could show it off like Vanna White ….
    I could throw my “I have Leukemia” card out, but I try not to do that to win contests, haha ;)
    I attended a class you taught at The NWYC convention in Atlanta, GA in 1998 or 1999 as a high schooler, when I was first called to ministry with my youth pastor … mistakes that you made early in ministry … still remember the story that you told where you became close friends, and tried to hard to get along with them, and compromised your authority with them….. See I listened …

  12. I have a non-profit for young people and the New Living translation is the one my pastor uses – I’ve been looking for a new bible as mine is falling apart.

    I’m buying pre-sale tickets for myself and a friend for Blue Like Jazz on April 13 – I went to see it already at an event in Pasadena – spreading the word – and would love a couple of tix for some of my friends who don’t have jobs – but should see it and spread the word too! It’s SOOOO GOOD

  13. I’m a youth director in Oregon. When I was 17, my youth leader gave me Blue Like Jazz and told me to read it. The book changed my life. I was so in love with the way that Miller talked about the city that I ended up attending Warner Pacific College in Portland. I took hikes up Mt. Tabor to see the sunrise, drank coffee at Stumptown, and ate the cake at Palio (all locations referenced in the book). I even attended Miller’s church-Imago Dei-which started at my college. I was excited this book would be a movie and believed this movie should be made, so I contributed and spammed all my friends to contribute to the kickstart campaign to get it finished.

    Three years ago, I decided to pay it forward. I gave a copy of the book to one of my freshmen. She has fallen in love with the book (and every other Miller book). When I attended the Storyline Conference last year, we were given promo stickers for the movie. I gave one to this student and she stuck it to her Bible and carries it around with her everywhere. Every time I see her, she asks me when the movie is going to come out. I keep saying, “Soon, Meredith.” This student recently told me that her family would be moving to Boise this summer. This is such a sad event for us as I have mentored her for 3 years and she is a student leader in our program. It would be awesome to be able to take her to the movie before she leaves and give her a copy of The Way to guide her in her faith journey as she leaves our program.

    It would literally make a 15 year-old’s year to win passes to this film!

  14. Blue Like Jazz is already creating great conversations within our church from those reading the book. And I would love to take people back to the 70’s with me when The Way impacted my life in amazing ways.

  15. I don’t deserve it any more than anyone else. I would be encouraged, and thankful. As an unemployed youth pastor, volunteering my time with my local church, and volunteering w charities in my city, funds are lower then some.

  16. I picked up Blue Like Jazz ( along with Messy Spirituality ) at my first NYWC what seems like a lifetime ago. It was an awesome experience…I.was so captivated that I read both books start to finish in the same night. To win the tickets from you would be a really awesome part of this story!
    I love having different Bibles. I would not be truthful if I said I was going to give the Bible to a student. I will use it in my Ministry but I will be keeping the one I win for me (selfish).

  17. I’d love to have a copy of The Way because I am a high school pastor and we’re looking for a new bible to distribute to our students. If I like it there’s a good chance I’d be ordering dozens of them, nay hundreds, nay, millions! Ok dozens.

  18. I lead a ministry for college students and 20somethings, and I frequently get requests for recommendations for a good Bible. The Way sounds good, and there are contributors that I like and respect, but I hesitate to recommend a Bible I haven’t spent some time with first. Since I don’t need another Bible on my bookshelf, if it something I feel like I could recommend, I would give it away to someone who needs it the next time someone asks me for a Bible recommendation.

  19. I could try to wow you with something but here is what I’ve got. I love reading the Word of God and Donald Miller is my favorite author. I am totally jazzed for the movie!

  20. I have never every won a goveaway of any sort….
    Plus I am super-excited about the movie. When it comes to the bible after reading your blog on it a couple of weeks ago, I would like to implement the bible in all of our small group bible studies.

  21. I would love these tickets and Bible, as I am a poor pastor of a tiny, Texas, rural church and seminary student, and it is difficult to get out to take my wife for a date night. This would be by far the fanciest date night we had experienced in awhile, and she would love it. As for the Bible, I love hearing and telling God’s story in new and interesting ways, and would be excited to have another resource to do so in my church and town.

  22. One year ago, i lost a treasured Promises NLT which contained my best notes in the margins. My daily reading NLT is broken up into OT, NT, Psalm & a Proverb. Just happened to catch this offer, and i am very interested in The Way NLT !!!

  23. My wife and I are starting a missional small group in our house with young couples who have been burnt out by church. We want to show them that Christ is way more about community of believers than a building. The Way would be a great resource to use with them and I’d love to send one couple to see the movie!

  24. 1. Just had a baby and just recently started going on dates again! 2. I will never have a beard as glorious as yours, so you can at least give this to me. 3. Would love to look through The Way, write a review, and promo it on my tiny blog!

  25. I would love the bible for a simple reason: I am a Middle School Group leader, and it would be great to have a bible that was accessible to my students, so I can bond with them, and get a version of the bible to some kids that have had trouble accessing the Gospel in other versions.

    The movie looks fantastic, and it would be awesome to see!

  26. Hey Marko! I would LOVE tickets to see this movie based on one of my absolute favorite books and a copy of The Way Bible because it’s gotta be good if you’re involved. ;) ha ha. Several of my friends are going to the midnight showing here in Indiana and I don’t have a ticket yet!!!!

  27. I would like to have The Way Bible to read and study. Unlike the other posters, I am not a pastor or anybody special. I am just a average senior citizen who likes to read and study God’s word.

  28. I am always interested in learning more ways to communicate the truth to people; this would be a great assist for me in finding more ways to express and share the good news.

  29. I would like to receive one of the prizes because I know We were created by a creative God, to be creative. And both the movie and the Bible are a collaboration of people living that fact out in a very real and tangible way.

  30. I would love to have one of these to share with my 16 year old son
    who needs to re-focus on his relationship with Christ. It would be a great way for us to
    read and study Gods word together.

  31. I have a burning desire to know God better. His Word is His Truth and I am seeking a anything that will help give me a clearer understanding of Him.

  32. You can keep the book and the tix if I can have your beard. Flattery works for something’s right??? Also, dating my wife is muy bueno and the tix will give us an excuse!

  33. #1-My 2 heroes in life are Marko & Steve Taylor. This would be an epic win of life changing significance in my personal story.
    #2-I have already have several people agreeing to go to Summit in Atlanta.
    #3-See #1.

  34. Grew up with “The Way”! Would love to have your version of “The Way”! Blue Like Jazz is expressing something strong in me that I have never been able to put into words until now. God Bless!

  35. Donald Miller is one of my all time favorite authors, so I really want to see his movie! I am the wife of a church planter and we have our lives tangled up in the lives of a lot of people who would probably benefit from The Way bible. I would love to take a look at it (so that I can recommend it) and then give it away to someone in my life who is searching for God or just beginning their faith journey.

  36. This book changed my life. Actually both books have. I would love to take my teenage daughters to the movie so that they too can experience God’s love in a new way.

  37. I work in full-time college ministry and I feel like what I’m experiencing with students now and those who have moved on is VERY similar to Blue Like Jazz. Also, more and more I think college students and 20 somethings would be more open to Christianity if they knew that Christians DO struggle with doubts, questions, etc. Finally, I just REALLY want to see the movie with my wife!!

  38. I’d like the movie tickets because Blue Like Jazz has had a profound impact on my life. In fact I purchased something like 20 copies to give out to people, I thought it was that good.

  39. I would love a copy of new Bible because the approach to narrative it takes. The heart of Missiology lies in that fact that we are all part of a huge story. God’s church doesn’t have a mission, but God’s mission has a Church. We all have a story to tell, much like your story, and to bring that story into community with other believes who then take that community’s story and join it with God’s story is to me what Christianity is about. The Scriptures tell a story so grand and capturing! Your movie and your work with this Bible seem to understand the importance of narrative.

  40. I fell in like with “Blue Like Jazz” when I read it about a year ago, and I started following the movie’s progress on Facebook because of it. I was so excited when I saw the movie had become reality! I really don’t keep up with all the different topical Bibles that are circulated, but after watching the video promo of “The Way” I know it’s a bible I’d like to own because it seems like a good resource for me to use to better be able to communicate my faith with others.

  41. Blue Like Jazz literally changed my life when I first read it in college about four years ago. I am confident that The Way will help me to find my own way in the “blue like jazz” and finally read the Bible in its entirety.

  42. I read Blue Like Jazz right after it was released and would love to see the movie. Getting an extra copy of the bible would be awesome since I have already pre-ordered three of them for my graduating seniors at church and honestly would like one for myself. Thanks!

  43. Blue Like Jazz really change the direction of my life and the Bible has saved my life, so I would love to celebrate my watching the movie and read the Book. Thanks.

  44. Read this book and many others by Donald (more than once). LOVE the Bible and have read and tought from several different versions. I am very interested in THE WAY and what it will reveal.

  45. BLJ – is an amazing book that moved my soul… I know I’ll never get my dh to read the book, but no doubt he’ll c the movie with me :) As for the Bible, I have 3 young adult (14-22) children with whom I love to discuss God’s Word by keeping a few translations available so we can really talk it out. Whether or not I win – thank you for BLJ!

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