bonhoeffer & mcknight: twins separated at birth?

from time to time, my friend (and uber-blogger) scot mcknight posts something-or-other about theologian dietrich bonhoeffer. and whenever he does, he includes a little pic of “the ‘hoeff”. and every time i see that thing, i have this thought, “man, that pic looks like it could be an old photo of scot himself!”

so, in the spirit of my old post that suggested david crowder and cornell west are either twins separated at birth, or a secret father/son sort of thing, i now present my fairly conclusive, exhaustive photo research to prove, once and for all, that scot and dietrich are, in fact, either twins separated at birth (in some cosmic time-warpy way that i can’t quite yet explain, though i suspect quantum physics has something to do with it), so at least genetically linked:

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  1. You know, it could be a Clark Kent / Superman thing …. Well, maybe a Clark Kent / Clark-er Kent sort of thing.

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