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saw this post about merged book titles over at neatorama quite a while ago. the question was:

What would happen if you mash up some of literature’s best books? This little gem called “Merged Books”.

and a couple examples were…

“Machiavelli’s The Little Prince” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s classic children’s tale as presented by Machiavelli. The whimsy of human nature is embodied in many delightful and intriguing characters, all of whom are executed.

“Where’s Walden?”- Alas, the challenge of locating Henry David Thoreau in each richly-detaile d drawing loses its appeal when it quickly becomes clear that he is always in the woods.

it was all pretty hoity-toity really. classic lit stuff. but i thought it would be fun to play with the idea. and i thought the creative readers of ysmarko would likely come up with some pretty funny title mash-ups of christian books.

here are a few rules:
1. mash two (or more) titles. at least one of them has to be a book one might buy in a christian bookstore. can be from any category.
2. write a short, witty summary of the mashed-up book.
3. post as many as you want, but in separate comments.
4. i’ll choose in a winner in a few days, and award the ys book of your choosing.

i’ve written a few to get you thinking…

Your Best Red Letters Now. Joel Osteen and Tony Campolo team up for this feel-good self-help romp through those inspiring words of Jesus.

A New Kind of Driven. Who thought we would see the day when Brian McLaren and Rick Warren would collaborate on a book like this? This delightful fable involves the discussion between a budding mega-church pastor and his media savvy yoda/mentor.

Battle Cry 3.0. Mark Oestreicher and Ron Luce find common ground on this new approach to raising up an army for the Lord. Full of pretension and questions, and very few answers, this book will gladly push your buttons, whoever you are.


holy cow, this is fun! so many of these are great, it’s difficult to start compiling a list of contenders. but, i will push through. here’s the ones that really caught my attention or made me smile (the descriptions had to be good, btw, not only the titles):

Blue Like Financial Peace, by Donald Miller and Dave Ramsey
(ysmarko: really, it was the description that made this one!)

Deep S*** In A Postsecret World, by Frank Warren & Chap Clark

Your First Two Years in Narnia, by Doug Fields and the ghost of C.S Lewis

They Like Jesus But Not The Purpose Driven Life, by Dan Kimball and Rick Warren

“IT” Comes Softly, by Craig Groeschel and Janette Oke
(ysmarko: again, the description made it on this one)

The Five Love Shacks, by Gary Chapman and William Young
(ysmarko: awesome!)

Fresh Wind In a Pit on a Snowy Day, Jim Cymbala and Mark Batterson

Velvet at Heart: Discovering Who’s More of a Man, by Rob Bell and John Eldridge

Knowing, Experiencing, Loving, Desiring & Hearing God
, by Packer, Blackaby, Colson, Piper & Willard

Making Sense of a Reformission Rev., by Spencer Burke & Mark Driscoll


man, tough one to call. so many great entries!

but the one that cracked me up the most was from kevin i:

Your First Two Years in Narnia, by Doug Fields and the ghost of C.S Lewis
This handy guide will help you to navigate the pitfalls of living on the other side of the wardrobe. Who can you take candy from? Why is it so cold? Why is that Lion talking? All these questions and more are answered here!

good stuff all; great stuff kevin. shoot me an email with your book choice!

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    Bitter because YS dropped the Emergent Line, Mark Yaconelli called on the conservative, Joshua Harris, to team with him in writing a call to a new way of raising teens in the church–get rid of Youth Ministry all together! No longer will we have summer camp hook-ups or mission trip make outs because this book will tell you–No Youth Ministry means our teens will start courting instead!

    Who says academics can’t have fun? Watch this wondrous adventure as three scholarly friends take two roads which diverged in a wood, and one takes the one less traveled by (a moralistic therapeutic deviation in statistical language), and that has made all the difference!

  3. Blue Like Financial Peace
    by Donald Miller and Dave Ramsey

    Join Don and Dave as they muse about their eclectic journey in Christian finances.

    Laugh along with them as they discuss budgets in a local cafe’. Cry with them as they process and wrestle with their guilt over the $25.00 check for 2 latte’s, a biscotti, and a cigar.

    Full of angst and specific answers to your deepest questions. A real treasure in living in community through strong financial planning.

  4. Blue Like Elvis
    Donald Miller and Rob Bell join forces to write a clever narrative filled with disguised theological topics. You’ll be quoting this one well into 2010.

  5. Purpose-Driven Sex God (Rob Bell and Rick Warren):

    Does your sex-life feel haphazard or meaningless? Does ancient Jewish culture excite you? Warren and Bell’s 5 purposes for sexuality–worship, ministry, evangelism, discipleship, and baby-making–reveal a God-given framework for how the Creator intended us to procreate.

  6. Traveling Sex God by Anne Lamott and Rob Bell

    You’ll truly enjoy this memoir written by two of Christianity’s most prominent and controversial authors. You’re sure to be laughing as you find out more about these author’s lives than you ever cared to know. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you may even gag…let the hilarity ensue.

  7. The Case for the Language of God by Lee Strobel & Francis Collins. In a twisted turn of events, Strobel and Collins team up to write THE definitive book for Christians about God and science. Surely this book will end the debates, right?

  8. The Emergent Delusion, by Richard Dawkins and Kevin DeYoung (Foreward by D A Carson). Critics of the emergent church movement and athiests can agree on one thing — an extreme dislike for Tony Jones.

  9. Deep S*** In A Postsecret World. Frank Warren & Chap Clark explore the trouble that on-line confession can bring. The closing chapter is highlighted by Clark’s own “Secret Confession” — he has been wearing a hair piece since 9th grade.

  10. Your First Two Years in Narnia by Doug Fields and the ghost of C.S Lewis

    This handy guide will help you to navigate the pitfalls of living on the other side of the wardrobe. Who can you take candy from? Why is it so cold? Why is that Lion talking? All these questions and more are answered here!

  11. Postmodern Confessions that Teach
    By The Skit Guys with Tony Jones

    A series of challenging melodramatic fun skits to help your youth group work through today’s tough issues through humor.

    Co-authored by Tony Jones, Tommy and Eddie portray a modern day young Augustine and his youth leader as they maneuver a labyrinth of hilarious events.

    Discussion guide and teaching tools are available at the YS bookstore.

  12. The Pagan Emergence by George Barna, Phyllis Tickle and Frank Viola.

    This trio comes together to show us where Christianity has been, where it is, and where it is going – straight to the Pagans!


  13. They Like Jesus But Not The Purpose Driven Life by Dan Kimball and Rick Warren

    Dan Kimball and Rick Warren unite to inform concerned readers that one can follow Christ and the five biblical purposes without becoming institutionalized by the church.

  14. Blue Like Financial Peace and Your First Two Years in Narnia killed me! the ghost of CS Lewis…ha!

    “IT” Comes Softly by Craig Groeschel and Janette Oke

    They can’t really describe with words what “it” is, and they certainly can’t tell you how to get “it,” but Groeschel and Oke’s unexpected tale of two people brought together on the untamed prarie to start a church that has that indescribable something that makes Christians like you is a valuable moral lesson inside a love story for the ages.


    Gary Chapman and William Young bring together the expertise of a love linguist and the imagination of a nominal theologian in this gripping allegory of reconciliation and passion.

    Four years after breaking up, the members of the iconic band, The B-52’s all receive a suspicious text message inviting them back to the Appalachian wilderness ranch – the home of their earliest recording sessions. Against their better judgment, they all arrive to encounter their worst nightmare – they’ve been duped into a reunion tour rehearsal. THE FIVE LOVE SHACKS” wrestles with the timeless question, “Should we use drum tracks or real drums?” The answers will astound and transform you.

    An Oprah-like sage identifies and guides them through the five basic love languages of an aging has-been rock band: quality rehearsals, ego affirmation, hiring gifted ringers, acting sober, and physical therapy. A study guide for band and group discussion is also included.

  16. The Radical Reformission (Eventually)- Mark Driscoll and Annie Lammott shape up to be one dynamic duo as together they embark on a journey to influence the landscape of culture. Tensions begin to mount as the team debates the proper pronoun for God. Will this riff prove to dismount the cohorts on their kingdom building mission? Find out in this non-stop read!

  17. THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE SHALLOW WORLD. from the C.S. Lewis possessed minds of Chap Clark and Kara Powell comes this guide on how to survive the witches of this shallow world by finding the lion within.

  18. Fresh Wind In a Pit on a Snowy Day – Jim Cymbala and Mark Batterson
    Four Jr. High Boys take a journey into the woods. See what happens when chance brings together a pit, a bag of burritos and fingers that simply must be pulled.

  19. Left Behind: The Life You’ve always wanted
    by Tim LaHaye, Jerry B. Jenkins, and John Ortberg

    If being left behind is the summation of all your life’s aspirations, then don’t miss this book full of insights on how you can be left telling people about Jesus long after everyone else has gone to be with Him.

  20. DON’T WASTE YOUR 90 MINUTES OF DESIRING GOD by Don and John Piper.
    The Piper tandem co-author this heavenly devotional. Don spent 90 minutes in Heaven, John Preaches 90 minutes each Sunday–together they urge the reader to desire God for at least 90 minutes each day!

  21. Velvet at Heart: Discovering Who’s More of a Man
    by Rob Bell and John Eldridge

    Take part in the epic journey of two of the most widely-read Christian authors as they embark on a wilderness journey together, retracing the steps of the Rabbi through risk-laden adventures, culminating in testosterone-soaked hand to hand combat on top of Mt. Sinai. Seperately available NOOMA #29 – BATTLE.

  22. Knowing, Experiencing, Loving, Desiring & Hearing God
    by Packer, Blackaby, Colson, Piper & Willard

    Maybe that’s cheating since they all have God in their title already but I get a kick out of the success (expected with the above authors) of one word paired with God titles. Good thing they’re some pretty good books.

  23. I’m late to the party, and someone kind of already took mine, but here goes anyway…

    The Love Shack Dare by William Paul Young and Stephen Kendrick

    A married couple, stuck in the 80s and yet drifting apart, receive a strange invitation to a shack in the woods. They pack up their Chrysler (as big as a whale) and set sail to find an Oprah-like marriage counselor who sets them on the road to reconciliation under a rusted tin roof. Soon things heat up and the whole shack shimmies as they rediscover why they fell in love in the first place.

  24. The American Script by Lynch, Carlton, and Gentiles: A 4 year Hip Hop Devotional

    Its American history, but it doesn’t sound like the version you have been reading. Lynch a former rapper, and Gentile a poetry editior come together to give us a great devotional that will take you through the next 4 years of the Obama presidency

  25. Making Sense of a Reformission Rev.

    Spencer Burke & Mark Driscoll in the semantic adventure of the year. Suddenly, emerging makes sense again.

  26. A Generous Bible Answer Book: According to Jesus~by Brian McLaren and Hank Hanegraaff with John F. MacArthur

    Bump, Set and Spike! McLaren eloquently and poses the well crafted and never intended to be answered questions; Hanegraaff gets the reader to the Scriptures he feels begin to answer these questions and MacArthur emphatically pounds home the answers the emergents are conversing about.

    This book is sure to offend all Christians (“new kind” included) in one way or another!

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