books i’m taking

for my trip to africa (and these might spill into singapore), i’m taking the following books (thanks to bob c for the idea of sharing these):

Practicing Passion: youth and the quest for a passionate church, by Kenda Dean. i read the first 2/3 a month or 6 weeks ago, and thought it was the best 2/3 of a youth ministry book i’d ever read. now, i should really finish the thing.

The Fabric of the Cosmos: space, time, and the texture of reality, by Brian Greene. i’m 25 pages into this one. it’s about time i learned more about quantum physics and string theory.

Persepolis 2: the story of a return, by Margane Satrapi. this is an illustrated book, a sequel (gee, could you tell?), and i loved the first one (which was the author’s autobiographical story of growing up in iran during the revolution).

Plan B: further thoughts on faith, by Anne Lamott. yup, she’s been one of my favorite writers for years now. and pretty much all my friends who love her writing were disappointed with this book. but i have to read it anyhow.

Faith, Madness, and Spontaneous Human Combustion: what immunology can teach us about self-perception, by Gerald N. Callahan. what can i say? a good friend told me this was a great book and that he knew i would love it.

4 thoughts on “books i’m taking”

  1. Plan B is a great book. Maybe your friends didn’t like all the Bush-bashing, but the book is vintage Annie. I listened to it, and I was often laughing out loud.

    See you in Singapore.

  2. I’m with tony on the plan B book. I laughed out loud so many times. It was really good for my depression :-) One memorable line that caught my funny bone, and I don’t know why it still makes me laugh is, “the ham of God that takes away the sins of the world.”

  3. I loved Fabric of the Cosmos – even though I only understood 75% of it… fascinating stuff.

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